Topcon’s Materiality

The Topcon Group has identified ‘six materiality’s’ as impactful to resolving societal challenges faced in our business. Based on this, we strive to enhance stakeholder trust and increase corporate value by clearly linking business activities with SDGs. Following our group’s corporate Identity, we aim to address societal challenges in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure to realize a prosperous life for people worldwide, contributing to the achievement of SDGs, and aspiring to be a sustainably growing company.

(Important Issues)
Activities SDGs
Providing Creative Products through Technological Innovation We will provide creative leading-edge products through improved accuracy of technology in order to contribute to the affluent life of people by solving societal issues through optimization and energy conservation within the field of Healthcare, Agriculture, Infrastructure.

Promoting and Accelerating DX Solutions We will promote the creation of new businesses and the provision of innovative services by accelerating productivity growth and work efficiency through DX solutions drawing upon IoT and network technology.

Respecting Human Rights We will contribute to a society without discrimination through the deep understanding of human rights not only within the company but also within the supply chain.
Coexisting with the Local Community We will commit to the development and issue-solving of the local community through our business activities with our business partners.
Reducing the Impact on the Global Environment We will promote actions regarding climate change, water-supply problems and recycling of resources, thereby contributing with our stakeholders to the reduction of the impact on the environment of the society as a whole, and aim to realize a sustainable society.
Being an Organization that Respects Individuality and Creates Together We will foster an organizational culture that embraces various values and in which all individuals respect each other and creates together new values.

Topcon Group ESG Vision

Contributing to Environmental Issues through Our Businesses

Received the 4th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey

Topcon received three-and-a-half star rating for three consecutive years in the 4th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey

United Nations Global Compact