Topcon Group Governance Vision 2030

The TOPCON Group strives to improve the soundness and transparency of its management based on the TOPCON WAY, which is a basic principle of values, judgments, and actions to be shared by our officers and employees. We believe this will lead to achieve sustainable growth and medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate values.

1. Corporate Governance
The highest priority in corporate governance is to increase management transparency, strengthen supervisory functions, accelerate decision-making, and ensure compliance. We aim to enhance corporate value by promoting the strengthening and enhancement of our corporate governance system.

2. Compliance and Risk Management
In conducting our business activities, we shall act in accordance with the Topcon Global Code of Conduct, which was established from the perspective of complying with laws, regulations, and internal rules, and acting in accordance with social ethics and other relevant standards. Furthermore, we strengthen our risk management system to ensure timely and appropriate response to any risks that may occur in the course of our business activities.

Established: March, 2023