The Topcon Group offers products and services that address societal issues, based on its basic policy for CSR. At the same time, the Group attaches great importance to communications with its diverse stakeholders, and endeavors to make social contributions through its business activities.
The Group conducts checks and evaluations of the performance of its ESG activities each fiscal year, and draws on the results of these evaluations to set goals for the activities for each shareholder in the following fiscal year.

Regarding customer satisfaction, we focus on improving the quality of our products and services, and responding promptly to customer complaints. To this end, we conduct risk analyses and strengthen our design reviews, which in turn, contributes to compliance with development schedules and quality improvement. We also pledge to conduct fair transactions with our clients, through means such as clarifying material procurement policies. We strive to raise the satisfaction level of our employees while improving their work environment. We aim to create a comfortable, highly satisfactory workplace environment by raising awareness of safety and health, and enhancing efforts such as diversity.
In addition, we are making contributions to our business partners, national and local governments, global and local communities, and NPOs and civic groups, primarily with regard to the environment. In addition to providing environmentally-conscious and resource-saving products, we also offer products and services that are useful for improving medical care, health, and the lives of people. In so doing, we seek to reduce our environmental footprint in our procurement, development, production, and sales processes, and make environmental contributions that are sought by these stakeholders. We also seek to communicate with shareholders and investors, by enhancing information dissemination and maintaining external evaluations.

Our website is our primary channel for disclosing information in our communications with all stakeholders. In addition, we also utilize various other means, such as IR, local events, exhibitions, academic conferences, and publications, in order to disclose information and communicate with stakeholders, in a multifaceted and multilayered manner.