Topcon conducts LCA during product development, taking into account the entire product life cycle. This helps us understand and minimize the environmental impact of each product model change. To achieve this goal, we assess the following items during the development process and make efforts to reduce the environmental impact compared to conventional models. Our internal regulations require all new products to undergo this inspection before launch, so we can fully understand their environmental characteristics.

  • Resources conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Long-term usage
  • Recyclability
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Easiness of disposal
  • Content of environment-related substances
  • Green procurement
  • Not using ODS substances
  • Proposing measures to reduce packaging waste
  • Reference to the reduction of what is consumed in the process of using the product
  • Disclosing information required for disposal
  • Consideration for product disassembly
  • Keeping track of CO2 and other emissions
  • External publication of environmental considerations