As an initiative to combat corruption as stipulated in Principle 10 of the United Nation Global Compact, the Topcon Group prohibits giving out bribes or inappropriate profits in any form that violate laws, regulations or sound business practices. In addition, we prohibit employees from accepting inappropriate personal benefits or profits in connection to their work or position.

We Prohibit Improper Payments

The Topcon Group will not offer or give bribes, or any other improper interests, in violation with laws, regulations, and/or sound customs of trade.
You must understand that bribes not only to government officials, but also to employees in private enterprises are prohibited in certain countries, and You must understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country or region in which You are involved in business.

What Is A Bribe?
In this Code, the term “Bribe” means anything of value offered or given for the purpose of gaining improper commercial interests, or in consideration of such improper interests and offered or given to the following persons:

  • government officials, foreign government officials (including employees of state-owned enterprises and international organizations, also including ex-officials);
  • politicians, candidates of politician, political parties and employees thereof;
  • customers (legal or natural persons).

A bribe does not have to be cash. It can include rewards, entertainment, gifts, donations, gratuities and any other type of benefits. Even items of minimal value may constitute a wrongful bribe.

When using an intermediary (such as agent) in Our business, We must ensure that they will not engage in the corrupt practices designated above, and also clearly agree in advance on scope of the services as well as on the amount of compensation, and ensure that these conditions are reasonable.

We Do Not Demand or Accept Gifts and Entertainment as Business Inducements

Employees must not demand or accept any personal benefits in connection with his/her job.
However, receiving gifts and entertainment from customers, suppliers or contractors is permissible only if it is inexpensive in value and customary in nature and is consistent with applicable laws, regulations and sound customs of trade and only if it would not affect a particular business decision of the Topcon Group.
Any gifts or entertainment which are excessive or seem unreasonable must be refused.

We Do Not Accept Money Laundering and Participate to the Financing of Terrorism

The Topcon Group is firmly committed to full compliance with applicable anti-money laundering and counter terrorism laws and regulations. We conduct business only with reputable third parties who engage in legitimate business activities. This applies as well to our relations with trading partners such as suppliers, vendors and others sub-contractors.

Employees must not participate in any activity aimed at laundering money or financing terrorism. In addition, you must not provide an assistance to any person or organization trying to benefit from the proceeds of a criminal act or illegal activity or controlling funds invested for the benefit of a terrorist organization.