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Website Terms of Use

This website is operated and managed by Topcon Corporation (hereinafter, "Topcon") or its agents. Upon the use of this website, users shall be deemed to have consented to these terms of use. In addition, the contents of these terms of use are subject to change without prior notice. The revised versions will be posted in such cases, and it is thus requested that the updated contents be duly confirmed.


The use of this website shall be conducted at the responsibility of the user. Topcon makes no guarantee of the contents carried on this website, with the said contents subject to change or deletion without prior notice.

Moreover, Topcon also makes no guarantee with regard to either the functions or the security of this website, while the operation of this website is subject to suspension or termination without prior notice. Topcon likewise assumes no responsibility, regardless of the reason, for any damages occurring as a result of circumstances including mistakes, changes or deletions of posted contents, problems on this website or the suspension or termination of the operation of this website, or for any damages resulting from the use of any type of information acquired from this website or from other websites to which this website provides links.


The copyrights for the contents on this website (writings, diagrams, pictures, photographs, images, sounds, etc.) all belong either to Topcon or to the parties retaining the rights to those contents, and are protected by the copyright laws, relevant agreements and other legislation in the specific countries in question. It should be noted that use of this information for aims exceeding private purposes or the sphere explicitly recognized by law (referring to reproduction, alternation, public transmission (including the move to transmissible form), screening, distribution, transfer, lending, adaptation, etc.) is prohibited.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This website may be accessed from countries governed by different laws. Notwithstanding, unless otherwise provided, the use of this website and the application of these terms of use shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of Japan. With regard to all disputes pertaining to this website, the Tokyo district court shall serve as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance unless otherwise provided.


As a general rule, Topcon elects to decline acceptance of outside proposals pertaining to matters such as new products, technologies, designs, manufacturing methods, publicity and advertising and marketing. Your kind understanding is requested of our position in this regard.

In the event, however, that outside parties choose to submit proposals regardless of the aforementioned stance, Topcon requests prior understanding on the part of such submitting parties that, as a general rule, all such proposals shall be considered to have been submitted on the basis of consent with the following conditions.

  • Topcon shall be subject to no obligation of confidentiality with regard to proposals that have been sent. Nor shall Topcon be under any obligation to respond.
  • Topcon shall be subject to no obligation to exam, evaluate or adopt proposals that have been sent.
  • Even in the event of adoption of proposals identical or similar to proposals that have been sent, Topcon shall be under no obligation toward the submitter of the proposal, including the payment of compensation, etc.

Prohibited Acts

Upon engaging in the use of this website, the following acts must be avoided.

  • Acts infringing upon areas such as the property and privacy of third parties or Topcon or posing risks of such infringement.
  • Acts defaming, slanderous or intimidating to third parties or to Topcon.
  • Acts detrimental or damaging to third parties or to Topcon.
  • Acts defaming to the reputation or trust of third parties or Topcon.
  • Acts offensive to public order and morals or posing risks of being offensive in that manner.
  • Use or supply of computer viruses or other harmful programs or acts posing risks of such use or supply.
  • Registration of the e-mail addresses of other parties or other acts involving false reports or notifications.
  • Violations of laws or acts with the potential for legal violations.

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On this website, JavaScript is adopted in the interest of achieving more comfortable use. For comfortable use of all functions and contents, it is recommended that JavaScript be turned on at the browser setting.
* When JavaScript is turned off, there may be cases when the functions do not work or the contents are not displayed correctly.


Upon reading and consenting to the following "Link to this website" sections, it shall be possible to establish links to this website regardless of whether the said links are commercial or noncommercial in nature, or located on the Internet or on an intranet.

Link to this website

  • Topcon shall assume no obligation with regard to troubles, compensation for damages or other conditions capable of occurring due to links.
  • No promise is made that the information, website addresses and other contents on this website shall remain unchanged on a permanent basis. The said contents are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Topcon logo may not be used in providing links. (Use of the logo requires approval from Topcon)
  • Links may not be used that obscure the fact that this is Topcon's website or cause misunderstandings among third parties.
  • Links corresponding to the "Prohibited Acts" section in these terms of use may not be used.
  • Upon confirmation of violations of any of the aforementioned matters or upon notice from Topcon to delete links, compliance with such requests shall be required.