Basic Procurement Policy of Topcon

  • Equal and fair procurement activities
    We engage in transparent, equal, and fair procurement activities in new transactions with all clients.
    We make decisions on the selection of clients based on comprehensive and objective evaluations and procedures covering aspects such as certainty in quality, price, deadline, stability in technical standards and administration, and a environmental consideration.
  • Coexistence and co-prosperity
    We constantly maintain and encourage trust-based relationships and aim to achieve coexistence and co-prosperity with our clients through business transactions.
  • Rules on the compliance with laws
    We engage in business transactions while complying with laws, social norms, and healthy commercial practices.
  • Management and protection of information
    We never disclose confidential information of our procurement activities with clients to the outside of our company.
  • CSR Procurement
    Topcon establish ‘Business Partners’ Code of Conduct’ with the aim of better society and the global environment and realize sustainable development of the company together with our suppliers. We ask all of our suppliers to implement this guideline.
  • Green procurement
    We procure items from partners that are implementing conservation activities. We also purchase/use products, parts, materials, and raw materials which produce low environmental load in their lifecycles.

Procurement Activities