2010- Acceleration of global investment

  • July 2010

    Expanded Chinese subsidiary and established Topcon (Beijing) Opto-Electronics Development Corporation as a manufacturing base in the emerging Chinese market.

  • July 2010

    Reorganized sales subsidiary in Singapore, established Topcon Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd. as a holding company. Established new Positioning and Eye Care sales companies.

  • August 2010

    Established Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc. by acquiring retina and glaucoma business of OptiMedica (U.S.A) and entered therapeutic laser market.

  • January 2011

    Established Topcon Positioning Middle East and Africa FZE established in Dubai, USA as platform for expansion of positioning business into Middle Eastern and African.

  • 2011

    Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1 / Auto Refractometer RM-1 Fully automated measurement with only one touch on the touchscreen panel. The absence of the control lever and the adjustable control panel enables the operator to be positioned anywhere around a patient.

  • April 2011

    Established "TOPCON WAY."

  • 2011

    Released Automated Gyro Station GYRO X
    Achieved capacity to automatically find true north free of limitations from surrounding environment

  • 2011

    Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Streamline
    Original multi-spot simultaneous laser pulse technology realized minimum invasiveness and dramatic reductions in operation time.

  • April 2012

    Released Optical Coherence Tomography DRI OCT-1
    DRI OCT can penetrate deeper visualizing ocular tissues utilizing 1,050 nm wavelength with the world's fastest scan speed of 100,000 A-scan/sec.

  • June 2012

    Released robotic total station PS series/SX series
    Mounted with TSshield - the world's first cloud-based user support system.

  • July 2012

    Established Topcon HK (BD) Ltd., in Bangladesh.

  • November 2012

    Established Topcon Vision Care Japan Co., Ltd (currently Topcon Essilor Japan, Co.,Ltd.).

  • January 2013

    Released Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1 Maestro
    Fully-automated OCT that enables imaging solely by operating the touch panel

  • February 2013

    Capital increase by public offering
    Number of shares issued 108,085,842

  • September 2013

    Established machine control and surveying system training center in Fukushima

  • October 2013

    Established Shanghai Topcon-Sokkia Technology & Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

  • February 2014

    Released Layout Navigator LN-100
    Self-leveling for easy setup, smartphone-based imaging, etc., allow anyone to conduct piling work independently and easily.

  • November 2014

    Acquired Wachendorff Electronik GmbH in Germany, a manufacturer of highly climate-resistant displays. Move strengthens machine control systems and precision agriculture OEM business and reinforces global structure by establishing a manufacturing base in Europe.

  • April 2015

    Acquired Digi-Star Investments, Inc. to expand precision agriculture by providing total solutions in the farming industry, including for dry-field farming and dairy farming.

  • June 2015

    Acquired NORAC Systems International Inc, in Canada.

  • July 2015

    Issuance of 1st and 2nd unsecured convertible bond

  • September 2015

    Toshiba Co., Ltd. sells off Topcon stock

  • December 2015

    We signed a tender offer for Germany's ifa system AG and brought the company into the Topcon Group. We will work toward the global expansion of the electronic medical record system for the ophthalmology business.

  • January 2016

    Acquired Viasys VDC Oy, a software development company in Finland.

  • May 2016

    Launched sales of the Total Station GT/iX series, the world's fastest, smallest, and lightest system which also features stand-alone network connectivity.

  • June 2016

    Opened the second Training Center in Kobe Prefecture with the aim of promoting "i-Construction".

  • September 2016

    Purchased Spanish software development company Mirage Technologies to ensure compatibility with rapidly advancing large-volume 3D data.

  • November 2016

    Established Topcon Agriculture S.p.A. as a general management company for the IT Agriculture business

  • December 2016

    Purchased Indian retail shop Mehra Eyetech Pvt. Ltd. with the objective of strengthening sales in the rapidly growing Indian market.

  • January 2017

    Revised "TOPCON WAY".

  • July 2017

    Established new plant in Topcon Yamagata, a key base for global production. Started the manufacturing of surveying instruments.

  • July 2017

    Opened the third Training Center in Kitakyushu Science and Research Park, located in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka Prefecture.

  • August 2017

    Established Topcon Healthcare Solutions, Inc. in New Jersey, U.S. as a promotion site of the eye-care IoT business

  • Fubruary 2018

    Acquired ClearEdge 3D, Inc., an American BIM software company

  • April 2018

    Acquired KIDE Clinical Systems, Oy, a Finnish eye-care IoT business development company

  • April 2018

    IDx-DR (AI software for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy) received the world's first U.S FDA approval as an independent AI diagnostic system.

  • June 2018

    Opened the fourth Training Center "Kanto Training Center" in Namegata City.

  • August 2018

    Acquired ThunderBuild Group BV, a software company for pavement construction.

  • October 2018

    Installed cloud/ aerosol sensor type 2 (CAI-2) on Ibuki-2 (greenhouse gas observing satellite: GOSAT-2)

  • January 2019

    Established Topcon (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as the Eye Care Business hub in China.

  • Fubruary 2019

    Established Topcon Healthcare Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. in Singapore as a base for the Eyecare solution business in Asia and Pacific regions.

  • October 2019

    Released GTL-1000, the world's first total station with rotating laser.

  • October 2019

    Established "Digital Construction Works",a joint venture with Bentley Systems with the aim of promoting innovative digital workflow at construction sites.

  • April 2020

    Established Topcon Positioning Asia Co., Ltd. in Itabashi, Tokyo as a controlling company of the positioning business in Japan and Asia market.

  • June 2020

    Issuance of 3rd and 4th unsecured convertible bond.

  • October 2020

    Completed construction of a new factory for Topcon Optonexus Co., Ltd., a key production facility for producing the world's leading-edge optical components.