1970-1980 Numerous hit products using optomechatronics technology

  • January 1970

    Established Topcon Service Co., Ltd.

  • April 1970

    Established Topcon Europe N.V.(currently Topcon Europe B.V.) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  • July 1970

    Released Optometry Unit OU-100
    Achieved use of Vision Tester VT-SD, Refractometer RM-1B and Lens Meter LM-3, from eye examinations through glasses lens adjustment, at Topcon.
    (1974 4th Machine Design Award from the Minister of International Trade and Industry )

  • September 1970

    Established Topcon Instrument Corporation of America (currently Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.) in New York, U.S.A. (currently New Jersey State).

  • November 1971

    Entry into eye glasses lens business

  • July 1973

    Released Auto Level AT-M3, AT-S3, AT-P3
    AT-M3 achieved world's first shortest visual distance of 0 meter

  • May 1974

    Released Operation Microscope OMS-100
    Contributed to treatment ophthalmic disorders with outstanding optical performance and instrument configuration.

  • January 1975

    Established Topcon Sokki Co., Ltd. (currently Topcon Sokkia Positioning Japan Co., Ltd.), a surveying instruments sales company.

  • December 1976

    Established Topcon Medical Japan Co., Ltd., a medical instruments sales company.

  • October 1977

    Released Illuminance Meter IM-1

  • 1978 to 1979

    Released Electronic Distance Meter DM-C1/C2. Realized the world's smallest/lightest EDM. DM-C1 improvements in the DM-C2 led to major cost reductions.

  • October 1978

    Released Refractometer RM-100
    The World' s first refractometer with near-infrared projection.
    With this product having a TV monitor it became possible to do measurements by operating directly on the screen, which made it a big hit on the market.

  • March 1979

    Implemented public offering (Paid-in Capital 575 million yen)

  • April 1979

    Established Topcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

  • April 1980

    Released EDM Theodolite GTS-1 (GUPPY)
    the first model of theodolite incorporated the electronic distance meter.

  • December 1980

    Ended sales of 35mm cameras

  • October 1982

    Installed optical parts in Kiku-4 (engineering test satellite: ETS-III)

  • November 1983

    Issuance Swiss Franc convertible bond

  • July 1984

    Released Wafer Surface Particle Measuring System WM-2
    Quantitative and non-contact automatic measuring of quantities and locations of dirt attached to wafer surfaces. Realized world's smallest size for clean room installation.

  • October 1984

    Received the Good Design Award for the first time in surveying instruments, Electric Total Station ET-1, Electric Digital Theodolite DT-10P, and Electric Distance Meter DM-A2.

  • March 1985

    Capital increase by public offering (Paid-in Capital 5,000 million yen)

  • June 1985

    Released Electronic Total Station GTS-3 series
    Normal type Total Station realized high precision, small size and light weight.

  • April 1986

    Topcon Optical (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong, began production of optical units for copying machines. First Topcon overseas local production base.

  • September 1986

    Topcon stock transferred to first sections of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.

  • December 1986

    Established Topcon International Finance Corporation in The Netherland.
    (The company's first financial subsidiary)

  • February 1987

    Installed infrared optical systems onto the "Momo" marine observation satellite MOS-1.

  • April 1987

    Issuance of US dollar-denominated warrant bonds

  • 1987

    Released Non-Contact Computerized Tonometer CT-10
    With this product it became possible non-contact speedy tonometry measurement featuring also easy alignment.

  • 1988

    Released Digital Imaging Filing System IMAGEnet
    System that manages all types of ophthalmological diagnosis information, including ocular fund scans and examination data.

  • April 1989

    Changed corporate name to Topcon Corporation

  • December 1989

    Issuance of unsecured convertible bond in Japan