Topcon Corporation (“Topcon”) will continue to seek to respect and protect each customer’s personal data. Topcon will implement following Personal Data Protection Policy in its business activities.

1. Basic Policy

  1. Topcon strictly observes the Personal Data and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. When Topcon obtains personal data from customers, in case without any individual explanation, Topcon uses personal data with the aim of providing the information of the products and services of Topcon or of its affiliated company, etc for the customer and also of showing new or useful information.
    Topcon may provide and confide data to third parties with a view to analyzing or processing, feeding back, etc for our customer. The information will be handled appropriately in all these processes in accordance with the business activities and scale of Topcon.
  3. Topcon takes rational safety measures against the risk of personal data in cases like unauthorized access and disclosure to personal data or the loss, destruction, alternation, etc.
  4. Topcon has established management system relating to personal data protection and strives to continuously improve.
  5. Topcon responds appropriately to questions, complaints and consultations regarding personal data from customers.

Established: April 1, 2001
Revised: April 1, 2022
Takashi Eto
President and Chierf Executive Officer
Topcon Corporation

About Personal Data Protection of Topcon Global Gateway

The customer who uses Topcon Global Gateway will be able to use the most of the services in the website without giving any personal data (Please note that in some services Topcon ask the customer to provide personal data). Topcon group carefully respect and protect the personal data of the customer who uses Topcon Global Gateway.

Request to customers
We declaim any responsibility for the collecting, managing and the security of customer’s personal data used on third parties’ websites that are linked to our website. As to the personal data protection of third parties’ website, please refer or confirm the content by yourself.

2. When we ask our customers about personal data

We will ask our customers about personal data in the following cases

  1. When the customer joins a seminar or an exhibition.
  2. When asking catalogue of our products and services.
  3. When inquiring for our products and services.
  4. When asking information or registers with our employment.
  5. When the customer gives his/her cooperation in customer survey.

Here ‘personal data’ refers to the information with which one will be able to identify individual customer such as name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, etc. and the information including Individual Identification Code.

3. Intended Use of Personal Data

When Topcon obtains personal data from customers, Topcon clearly indicates in advance the purpose for which the personal data are intended to be used and uses the information within the scope of the stated purpose of use. When the need to use a customer’s personal data for any purpose that goes beyond the stated purpose of use arises, Topcon notifies the customer to that effect and obtain the consent before using the information for such purpose. For more details, please refer to Intended Use of Personal Data.

4. Jointly Use of Personal Data

Topcon jointly uses personal data with group companies in order to manage Topcon products and others.

5. Entrustment of Personal Data

Topcon may outsource business to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of using personal data. In this case, Topcon will oblige the contractor to protect personal data, and Topcon will implement strict management under appropriate supervision.

6. Disclosure and Provision of personal data to third parties

(1) Topcon does not disclose or provide personal data to third parties without consent of the customer, except where disclosing or providing by way of shared use or outsourcing to the contractors. However, we may provide affiliated company, distributor or third parties of customer’s personal data in the following situation such as;

  1. When complying with laws and regulations or protecting the public benefit.
  2. When it is necessary to cooperate with a national or local government for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest and obtaining the consent from the customer is likely to impede the performance of such task.
  3. When providing the personal data as a result of succession of business in a merger, company split, transfer of business or otherwise.
  4. When the disclosure or provision is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent from the customer.
  5. When we disclose in the situation we cannot identify an individual customer.

(2) When it is deemed that an inquiry from a customer concerning products, repairs, or service can be more appropriately responded by a Topcon affiliate or distributor, we may provide the customer’s name, address, telephone number and other information to the affiliate or distributor. In such case, the customer may request Topcon to stop disclosing such information to such affiliate or distributor.

7. Transfer to outside Japan

In case Topcon provides the personal data of the customer to third parties (including contractors and those who shares personal data) located outside Japan, Topcon will take necessary and appropriate measures as required under the applicable laws and regulations.

8. Management of Personal Data

Topcon takes the following measures to properly manage the personal information of our customers.

  • Establishing and maintaining internal rules regarding the protection of personal data
  • Establishment of personal data protection system (Assignment of responsible person, clarification of role responsibility, establishment of emergency reporting system, etc.)
  • Measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside
  • Thorough entry / exit management
  • Periodic inspections and audits (self-inspections, audits by other departments or audits by third parties)
  • Implementation of in-house training for officers and employees regarding the protection and proper handling of personal data
  • Once the purpose of using personal data is achieved, it will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Understanding the external environment(When transferring personal data to outside Japan, confirm the legislation of personal data protection in the destination country and the personal data protection measures of the destination company)

9. About Cookies

On this website, with the aim of supplying higher quality contents, there will be cases when a Cookie is used to obtain information for identifying user computers.

The cookies used on our website do not infringe on user privacy, nor do they adversely affect computers. Moreover, if users do not directly input personal information in this website, it is impossible to identify specific individuals. While it is possible to suppress the use of a Cookie by changing browser settings and other means, such actions may result in the inability to utilize certain contents or functions.

Cookies Used to Measure and Assess the Website Usages

10. Procedures for Requests for Disclosure

Topcon complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer’s personal data held by Topcon: 1) Request for disclosure; 2) Request for notification of the intended purpose; 3) Request for correction; 4) Request for addition; 5) Request for deletion; 6) Request for cessation of use or cessation of disclosing to third parties; and 7) Disclosure of third party provision record. Please refer to Request Procedures for Disclosure for request forms (in writing) and other details.

11. Inquiries Concerning Personal Data

About our personal data protection, please inquiry to Personal Data Protection All Customer Information Center.

12. Other Matters

  1. This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to personal data held by TOPCON CORPORATION in Japan. The policy does not apply to Topcon’s affiliates in Japan or to overseas subsidiaries.
  2. Please note that some services provided by Topcon (including services offered on websites operated by Topcon) may not be available if the customer does not provide personal data.
  3. Children under 16 years should provide personal data only after obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian.
  4. From time to time Topcon may revise the Personal Data Protection Policy to better protect customer’s personal data or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.