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Privacy Policy

Topcon Corporation ("Topcon") will continue to seek to respect and protect each customer's personal data. Topcon will implement following Personal Data Protection Policy in its business activities.

Basic Policy

  1. Topcon strictly observes the Personal Data and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. When Topcon obtains personal data from customers, in case without any individual explanation, Topcon uses personal data with the aim of providing the information of the products and services of Topcon or of its affiliated company, etc for the customer and also of showing new or useful information.
    Topcon may provide and confide data to third parties with a view to analyzing or processing, feeding back, etc for our customer. The information will be handled appropriately in all these processes in accordance with the business activities and scale of Topcon.
  3. Topcon takes rational safety measures against the risk of personal data in cases like unauthorized access and disclosure to personal data or the loss, destruction, alternation, etc.
  4. Topcon has established management system relating to personal data protection and strives to continuously improve.

Established: April 1, 2001
Topcon Corporation
President & CEO Satoshi Hirano

About Personal Data Protection of Topcon Global Gateway

The customer who uses Topcon Global Gateway will be able to use the most of the services in the website without giving any personal data (Please note that in some services Topcon ask the customer to provide personal data). Topcon group carefully respect and protect the personal data of the customer who uses Topcon Global Gateway.

Request to customers

We declaim any responsibility for the collecting, managing and the security of customer's personal data used on third parties' websites that are linked to our website. As to the personal data protection of third parties' website, please refer or confirm the content by yourself.