Topcon intends to use personal data of customers and other individuals for the following purposes:

(1) Personal Data of Customers

  1. Communication, discussion, and other contact required for the execution of business
  2. Business partner’s data management, processing of payments and receipts at Topcon
  3. Shipment of products
  4. Sending information about products, services or events
  5. Provision of product support or maintenance
  6. Responses to inquiries
  7. Issuance of warranty cards and provision of after-sales service under warranty
  8. Provision of membership services
  9. Sending multi information distribution services by E-mail
  10. Product development, onduct of questionnaire surveys, implementation of product and service monitoring programs
  11. Execution of contracts
  12. Tally and analysis of count of access to improve our website

(2) Personal Data of Shareholders

  1. Enforcement of rights or fulfillment of obligations under the Commercial Code
  2. Provision of benefits to shareholders (e.g., shareholder benefit programs, etc.)
  3. Implementation of measures concerning shareholders (e.g., questionnaires, etc.)
  4. Shareholder management as required by laws (e.g., preparation of shareholder data, etc.)

(3) Personal Data of Government Office Workers and Civil Servants

Communication with, reporting to, inquiries into or other contact with competent governmental authorities required for the execution of business

(4) Personal Data of Applicants for Employment at Topcon

  1. Provision of recruitment information to and communication with applicants for employment (including internships)
  2. Management of employment-related data at Topcon