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Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd, established September 1, 1932.

The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.

Grounding in the optical technology we have developed since our founding, we have expanded our business domains globally to include infrastructure development, agriculture, and eye care.

September 1932 TOPCON was established based on the surveying instruments division of K.Hattori & Co.,Ltd. (currently SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION) in order to manufacture the optical instruments for Japanese Army, which are surveying instruments, binoculars and cameras.
Corporate Name: Tokyo Kogaku Kikai Kabushikikaisha (Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd.)
April 1933 Built head office and main factory at Itabashi-ku, Tokyo (current address) and moved head office functions there.
1933 Released TOHKOH Transit, TOHKOH Y-Level
July 1937 Started manufacturing of the company's first camera, LORD.
December 1947 Started Ophthalmic and Medical Instruments business. Released the company's first lensmeter, Type I.
May 1949 Topcon stock listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
May 1951 Released the Japan's first refractometer.
May 1953 Adopted the name of "TOPCON" for the company's cameras.
1957 Release the company's first single-lens reflex camera, TOPCON R. Received the Honor Award at the Brussels Expo.
June 1958 Company representative stationed in New York.
1959 Released Transit A
The first tower cover type. (became the design base thereafter)
March 1960 Affiliate to Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (currently TOSHIBA CORPORATION).
Manufacturing of electrical measuring instruments started.
1961 Released the company's first Auto Level AT.
February 1963 Released TOPCON RE SUPER
The world's first single-lens reflex camera with a TTL full-aperture metering system.
1965 Released Retinal Camera Type I.
1966 Released Universal Measuring Microscope TUM-200.
October 1969 Established Tokyo Kogaku Seiki Kabushikikaisha (currently OPTONEXUS Co., Ltd.) in Fukushima Prefecture.
April 1970 Established Topcon Europe N.V.(currently Topcon Europe B.V.) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
July 1970 Released Optometry Unit OU-100
Achieved use of Vision Tester VT-SD, Refractometer RM-1B and Lens Meter LM-3, from eye examinations through glasses lens adjustment, at Topcon.
September 1970 Established Topcon Instrument Corporation of America (currently Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.) in New York, U.S.A. (currently New Jersey State).
April 1971 Toshiba Corporation's electrical measuring instruments (the illuminance meter and the luminance meter) business transferred to the company.
July 1973 Released Auto Level AT-M3, AT-S3, AT-P3
AT-M3 achieved world's first shortest visual distance of 0 meter.
May 1974 Released Operation Microscope OMS-100
Contributed to treatment ophthalmic disorders with outstanding optical performance and instrument configuration.
1978 to 1979 Released Electronic Distance Meter DM-C1/C2. Realized the world's smallest/lightest EDM. DM-C1 improvements in the DM-C2 led to major cost reductions.
October 1978 Released Refractometer RM-100
The World 's first refractometer with near-infrared projection. With this product having a TV monitor it became possible to do measurements by operating directly on the screen, which made it a big hit on the market.
April 1979 Established Topcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
1979 Released Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera TRC-NW.
April 1980 Released EDM Theodolite GTS-1
the first model of theodolite incorporated the electronic distance meter.
December 1980 Ended sales of 35mm cameras.
April 1981 Topcon Deutschland G.m.b.H established in Germany.
(currently Topcon Deutschland Medical G.m.b.H.)
October 1982 Established Topcon Engineering Co., Ltd. (currently Topcon Technohouse Corporation)
November 1983 Issuance Swiss Franc convertible bond
June 1985 Released Electronic Total Station GTS-3 series
Normal type Total Station realized high precision, small size and light weight.
April 1986 Topcon Optical (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong, began production of optical units for copying machines. First Topcon overseas local production base.
September 1986 Topcon stock transferred to first sections of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
December 1986 Established Topcon International Finance Corporation in The Netherland.
(The company's first financial subsidiary)
April 1987 Issuance of US dollar-denominated warrant bonds.
1987 Released Non-Contact Computerized Tonometer CT-10
With this product it became possible non-contact speedy tonometry measurement featuring also easy alignment.
March 1988 Established Topcon Manufacturing Corp. of America (currnetly Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.)
1988 Released Digital Imaging Filing System IMAGEnet
System that manages all types of ophthalmological diagnosis information, including ocular fund scans and examination data.
December 1988 Established Topcon Australia Pty. Ltd.
January 1989 Established Topcon S.A.R.L. in France.
February 1989 Established Topcon España S.A. in Spain.
April 1989 Changed corporate name to Topcon Corporation
1990 Released Retinal Camera TRC-50IA
The World's first retinal camera with an infrared fluorescence photography function.
Choroidal vessels could be observed much clearer than ever before. This retinal camera became a pioneer product, marking the beginning for the upcoming glory of Topcon as Retinal Camera Brand.
November 1990 Establishment the Topcon Code of Conduct. (currently Topcon Global Code of Conduct)
November 1990 Entry into the GPS business.
Released GPS Receiver GP-R1series.
January 1991 Established Topcon Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
1991 Auto Tracking Total Station AP-S1
*First robotic total station.
April 1991 Accepted partial transfer of electron microscope operations from ABT Co., Ltd., entered electron beam business.
April 1991 Established Topcon Instruments (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
June 1991 Topcon Optical Svensca A.B. established in Sweden (currently Topcon Scandinavia A.B.).
February 1992 Established Beijing Office.
May 1992 Rotating laser RL-H released.
October 1993 Established Topcon Electron Beam Services Corporation (currently Topcon Technohouse Corporation)
September 1994 Established Topcon Laser Systems Inc. (currently Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.) in California, USA.
Acquired Advanced Grade Technology, entry into the machine control business.
July 1996 Released Pipe Laser TP-L3G/A/B
World's first Pipe Laser with green laser and automatic alignment function.
February 1997 Released Specular Microscope SP-2000P
The World's first corneal endothelial cell and corneal thickness examinations, in one machine.
December 1997 Acquired all shares of Topcon (Great Britain) Ltd.

April 1998 Acquired AM Ophthalmic Instruments Inc.(currently Topcon Canada, Inc.)
1998 Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8100PA
By adopting the new measurement system with a built-in rotary prism, it became possible to measure the eye even with 2.o mm pupil diameter.
1998 Released IMAGEnet 2000 Digital Imaging Filing System
Ophthalmological Image Filing System providing a large-scale network was developed.
IMAGEnet 2000 has been elaborated into the smart sophisticated system and its name has almost become a synonym for image filing systems in ophthalmology.
December 1998 Pulse Total Station GPT-1000 series released.
July 2000 Acquired JPS, Inc. in the United States and started selling precision GPS receivers and related system products.
July 2001 Established Topcon America Corporation in New Jersey, USA.
As a holding company. Reorganized the subsidiaries in the United States and divided into the positioning business and the eye care business.
2001 Released MILLIMETER GPS
Used GPS to make dramatic improvements in high accuracy to world's first millimeter-unit level.
October 2001 Released Wave-Front Analyzer KR-9000PW
Achieved world's first objective refraction examination, corneal curvature radius measurement and corneal topography, together with measurement and analysis of ocular overall optical aberrations through new technology wave-front sensor (all in a single machine).
(Award the 16th Advanced Technology Award the prize of "Sankei Shin bun")
November 2001 China factory of Topcon Optical (H.K.) Ltd. (currently Topcon Optical (Dongguan) Technology Ltd.) established in Dongguan, China, to mass produce DVD optical parts for optical detection.
July 2002 Liquidated Topcon Singapore Pte., Ltd. and Established Topcon South Asia Pte., Ltd, (Currently Topcon Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd.) in Singapore.
June 2003 Released Slit Lamp SL-D7
Realized more compact size with mounting of DC-1 - world's first slit lamp specialized digital camera.
2003 Released Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS
The world's first vitreous body operation microscope eliminating need for intraocular lighting and facilitating operation procedures using both hands.
February 2004 Established Topcon (Beijing) Opto-Electronics Corporation in Beijing, China.
July 2005 Reorganized sales subsidiaries in Europe and newly established two firms in the European market - one overseeing eye care business and the other overseeing positioning business - with Topcon Europe B.V. as the holding company.
September 2005 Changed stock transaction unit with the goal of expanding investor composition and increasing fluidity (number of shares in 1 unit changed from 1,000 to 100).
April 2006 Implemented two-for-one stock split.
Number of shares issued 92,688,342
June 2006 Released Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1000
World's first fusion of optical coherence tomography (OCT) with a non-mydriatic retinal camera. Achieved simultaneous retinal imaging and tomographic imaging, enabling precision imaging of areas required for diagnosis.
August 2006 Acquired ANKA Systems, Inc., in the United States for full-fledged entry into the ophthalmic network business in the United States.
October 2006 Acquired KEE Technologies Pty Ltd., (currently Topcon Precision Agriculture Pty. Ltd, in Australia for entry into field of agriculture.)
2006 Released Spectroradiometer for Ultra-low luminance SR-UL1
Industry's first measuring of black (ultra-low luminance) using spectrophotometry system. Enabled flat-panel display high contrast measurements.
April 2007 Established Topcon Polska Sp.z.o.o., in Poland.
May 2007 Entry into the mobile control (navigation systems, ITS and others) business.
February 2008 Conducted a takeover bid for shares of SOKKIA Co., LTD. and made it a subsidiary to enhance competitiveness of the Positioning Business in the global market.
August 2008 Acquired US company VOXIS, Inc. Entry into the measurement market.
Released 3D Laser Scanner GLS-1000
Japan's first 3D laser scanner for the surveying and civil engineering market. Stand-alone type with built-in control panel, memory and battery improved work efficiency.
June 2009 Acquired shares of Italian wireless communications manufacturer DESTURA s.r.l. (currently Topcon InfoMobility S.r.l.) to strengthen operations in mobile communications, machine controls, and agricultural IT market segments.
2009 Released Mobile Survey System IP-S2
Access to accurate positional data, consecutive images of surrounding areas and color 3D point cloud data simply by installing in vehicle and driving.
October 2009 Established Topcon 3D Inspection Laboratories, Inc., a 3D
inspection technology development/design company, in Canada. Entry into the 3D measurement and high-end print board fields.
March 2010 Acquired InlandGEO Holding S.L., (currently Topcon Precision Ag Europe S.L.) the largest dealer in Spain, to enhance sales channels for precision agricultural systems in the European, Middle-Eastern, and African markets.
July 2010 Expanded Chinese subsidiary and established Topcon (Beijing) Opto-Electronics Development Corporation as a manufacturing base in the emerging Chinese market.
July 2010 Reorganized sales subsidiary in Singapore, established Topcon Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd. as a holding company. Established new Positioning and Eye Care sales companies.
August 2010 Established Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc. by acquiring retina and glaucoma business of OptiMedica (U.S.A) and entered therapeutic laser market.
January 2011 Established Topcon Positioning Middle East and Africa FZE established in Dubai, USA as platform for expansion of positioning business into Middle Eastern and African.
2011 Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1 / Auto Refractometer RM-1
Fully automated measurement with only one touch on the touchscreen panel. The absence of the control lever and the adjustable control panel enables the operator to be positioned anywhere around a patient.
April 2011 Established "TOPCON WAY."
2011 Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Streamline
Original multi-spot simultaneous laser pulse technology realized minimum invasiveness and dramatic reductions in operation time.
April 2012 Released Optical Coherence Tomography DRI OCT-1
DRI OCT can penetrate deeper visualizing ocular tissues utilizing 1,050 nm wavelength with the world's fastest scan speed of 100,000 A-scan/sec.
June 2012 Released robotic total station PS series/SX series
Mounted with TSshield - the world's first cloud-based user support system.
July 2012 Established Topcon HK (BD) Ltd., in Bangladesh.
January 2013 Released Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1 Maestro
Fully-automated OCT that enables imaging solely by operating the touch panel.
October 2013 Established Shanghai Topcon-Sokkia technology & Trading Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, Japan's first 3D laser scanner for the surveying and civil engineering market. Stand-alone type with built-in control panel, memory and battery improved work efficiency.
February 2014 Released Layout navigator LN-100
Self-leveling for easy setup, smartphone-based imaging, etc., allow anyone to conduct piling work independently and easily.
November 2014 acquired Wachendorff Electronik GmbH., in Germany, a manufacturer of highly climate-resistant displays. Move strengthens machine control systems and precision agriculture OEM business and reinforces global structure by establishing a manufacturing base in Europe.
April 2015 Acquired Digi-Star Investments, Inc. to expand precision agriculture by providing total solutions in the farming industry, including for dry-field farming and dairy farming.
June 2015 Acquired NORAC Systems International Inc., in Canada.
September 2015 Toshiba Co., Ltd. sells off Topcon stock.
December 2015 We signed a tender offer for Germany's ifa system AG and brought the company into the Topcon Group. We will work toward the global expansion of the electronic medical record system for the ophthalmology business.
September 2016 Acquired Mirage Technologies S.L., in Spain.
November 2016 Established Topcon Agriculture S.p.A. as a general management company for the IT Agriculture business.
August 2017 Established Topcon Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
February 2018 Acquired ClearEdge3D, Inc.
April 2018 Aquired KIDE Clinical Systems, Oy (currently Topcon Healthcare Solutions EMEA Oy)