1990-2000 Expanding the business field through overseas M&A strategy

  • 1990

    Released Retinal Camera TRC-50IA
    The World's first retinal camera with an infrared fluorescence photography function.
    Choroidal vessels could be observed much clearer than ever before. This retinal camera became a pioneer product, marking the beginning for the upcoming glory of Topcon as Retinal Camera Brand.

  • November 1990

    Establishment the Topcon Code of Conduct. (currently Topcon Global Code of Conduct)

  • November 1990

    Entry into the GPS business.
    Released GPS Receiver GP-R1series.

  • April 1991

    Accepted partial transfer of electron microscope operations from ABT Co., Ltd., entered electron beam business.

  • February 1992

    Established Beijing Office.

  • March 1992

    Transferred operations related to Horseman Camera manufacturing. Full withdrawal from cameras business that in March 1953 had represented 85.4% of sales.

  • September 1994

    Established Topcon Laser Systems Inc. (currently Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.) in California, USA.
    Acquired Advanced Grade Technology, entry into the machine control business.

  • October 1994

    Delivered GPS Earth observation network system to the Geographical Survey Institute, Ministry of Construction, Japanese government.

  • July 1996

    Released Pipe Laser TP-L3G/A/B
    World's first Pipe Laser with green laser and automatic alignment function

  • February 1997

    Released Specular Microscope SP-2000P
    The World's first corneal endothelial cell and corneal thickness examinations, in one machine.

  • 1998

    Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8100PA By adopting the new measurement system with a built-in rotary prism, it became possible to measure the eye even with 2.o mm pupil diameter.

  • 1998

    Released IMAGEnet 2000, an ophthalmological digital image filing system compatible with large-scale networks.

  • 1999

    Released Chip defect inspection system Vi-2200, entry into the inspection equipment business.

  • July 2000

    Acquired JPS, Inc. in the United States. Started selling of precision GPS receivers and related system products.

  • 2000

    Released Machine Control System 3D-MC
    Development and domestic sales launch of Machine control system using GPS.

  • July 2001

    Established Topcon America Corporation in New Jersey, USA.
    As a holding company. Reorganized the subsidiaries in the United States and divided into the positioning business and the eye care business.

  • 2001

    Used GPS to make dramatic improvements in high accuracy to world's first millimeter-unit level.

  • October 2001

    Released Wave-Front Analyzer KR-9000PW
    Achieved world's first objective refraction examination, corneal curvature radius measurement and corneal topography, together with measurement and analysis of ocular overall optical aberrations through new technology wave-front sensor (all in a single machine).
    (Award the 16th Advanced Technology Award the prize of "Sankei Shinbun")

  • November 2001

    China factory of Topcon Optical (H.K.) Ltd. (currently Topcon Optical (Dongguan) Technology Ltd.) established in Dongguan, China, to mass produce DVD optical parts for optical detection.

  • May 2003

    Installed optical parts in Hayabusa (Mu Space Engineering Satellite: MUSES-C)

  • Juen 2003

    Released Multi-step proximity aligner for 6th generation TME-1750S
    World's first liquid crystal proximity aligner for 6th generation ultra-large glass substrate (adopted step process of sectional exposure of large area of 1500×1800mm).

  • Juen 2003

    Released Slit Lamp SL-D7
    Realized more compact size with mounting of DC-1 - world's first slit lamp specialized digital camera.

  • 2003

    Released Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS
    The world's first vitreous body operation microscope eliminating need for intraocular lighting and facilitating operation procedures using both hands.

  • February 2004

    Established Topcon (Beijing) Opto-Electronics Corporation in Beijing, China.

  • July 2005

    Reorganized sales subsidiaries in Europe and newly established two firms in the European market - one overseeing eye care business and the other overseeing positioning business - with Topcon Europe B.V. as the holding company.

  • July 2005

    Transferred from part of the HOYA CORPORATION Vision Care Company's ophthalmic instruments segment in Japan.

  • September 2005

    Changed stock transaction unit with the goal of expanding investor composition and increasing fluidity (number of shares in 1 unit changed from 1,000 to 100).

  • 2005

    Released In-try Chip Defect Inspection System Vi-3100
    High-precision inspection of tray loaded IC chips on non-contact fully automatic basis

  • April 2006

    Implemented two-for-one stock split.
    Number of shares issued 92,688,342

  • June 2006

    Released Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1000
    World's first fusion of optical coherence tomography (OCT) with a non-mydriatic retinal camera. Achieved simultaneous retinal imaging and tomographic imaging, enabling precision imaging of areas required for diagnosis.

  • August 2006

    Acquired ANKA Systems, Inc., in the United States for full-fledged entry into the ophthalmic network business in the United States.

  • October 2006

    Acquired KEE Technologies Pty Ltd., in Australia for entry into field of agriculture.

  • 2006

    Released Spectroradiometer for Ultra-low luminance SR-UL1
    Industry's first measuring of black (ultra-low luminance) using spectrophotometry system. Enabled flat-panel display high contrast measurements.

  • May 2007

    Entry into the mobile control (navigation systems, ITS and others) business.

  • February 2008

    Conducted a takeover bid for shares of SOKKIA Co., LTD. and made it a subsidiary to enhance competitiveness of the Positioning Business in the global market.

  • June 2008

    Awarded the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Japan Invention Award" by the invention of high-resolution measurement of the time difference in the "National Invention Award in 2008.

  • August 2008

    Acquired US company VOXIS, Inc. Entry into the measurement market.

  • 2008

    Released 3D Laser Scanner GLS-1000
    Japan's first 3D laser scanner for the surveying and civil engineering market. Stand-alone type with built-in control panel, memory and battery improved work efficiency.

  • March 2009

    Deleted listing on Osaka Securities Exchange

  • April 2009

    Awarded a Commendation for Science and Technology in the Development Category, presented by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, for their invention of optical distance measuring device with high resolution measuring device for time difference of continuous pulses.

  • June 2009

    Acquired shares of Italian wireless communications manufacturer DESTURA s.r.l. (currently Topcon InfoMobility S.r.l.) to strengthen operations in mobile communications, machine controls, and agricultural IT market segments.

  • 2009

    Released Mobile Survey System IP-S2
    Access to accurate positional data, consecutive images of surrounding areas and color 3D point cloud data simply by installing in vehicle and driving.

  • October 2009

    Established Topcon 3D Inspection Laboratories, Inc., a 3D inspection technology development/design company, in Canada. Entry into the 3D measurement and high-end print board fields.