As part of the environmental protection activity process, recognizing our responsibility to maintain the health of the global environment as an irreplaceable asset for future generations, we at Topcon Corporation are engaging in environmental activities in close cooperation with our suppliers.

As one of our efforts, we are promoting the supply of products and services with 1 minimal environmental impacts. For this purpose, the concept of green procurement is essential.

We aim at procuring the parts, materials, units, products, secondary materials, etc. (hereinafter collectively called “delivered items”) with low environmental loads by promoting the business activities, being aware of the environmental loads and risks.

Topcon’s Activity

1. Procurement from Suppliers promoting environmental preservation activities

Topcon believe that it is a self-directed activity for suppliers and will support improvement activities when needed.

During the course of green procurement, Topcon will do business with environment-conscious suppliers conducting eco-friendly activities including having ISO14001 certification.

Topcon evaluate and assess suppliers’ activities such as ISO 14001 certification, green procurement and environmental preservation activities.

2. Procurement of products/parts/raw materials with less environmental risk

Topcon break down procurement items into 3 basic categories: material for product, procurement item for production operation and office and stationery supplies.

1) Material for product

It is a general term for purchasing-components of Topcon products (including system computer and units) such as parts and material. Topcon set points for environmental load-reduction in details and investigate them for using less environment load procurement item.

2) Procurement item for production operation

It is a general term for manufacturing equipment, jig & tool and consumables such as paint, plating solution, thinner, alcohol, etc.. Topcon pursue green procurement in accordance with ‘Environmental pre-assessment of water quality, air, noise, vibration, etc.’ and ‘Pre-assessment of chemical substance of new material’.

3) Office and stationery supplies

Writing instruments, stationery, file supplies, notes, etc. are familiar items and Topcon believe using environmentally-friendly office supplies is an important activity which leads to rising environmental awareness of employees. Therefore, Topcon expand procurement environmentally-friendly products such as Eco Mark certified products, products using recycled materials, reusable products, to-be separate-collected products, non PVC products, etc.