Basic Policy for CSR

  1. Topcon will locate CSR activities in the center of business and work on it intentionally in order to build, share and implement the sense of values and standards suitable for global enterprise.
  2. Topcon will, to the extent of our influence, support and implement the rules and regulations that are globally approved regarding Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and/or Anti-Corruption as declared in the Global Compact.
  3. Topcon will make a social contribution voluntarily and actively through developments, production, sales and services of useful products.
  4. Topcon will promote an environmental management through the creation of environmentally-conscious business process and through providing with environmentally-conscious products and services.
  5. Topcon will strive to establish CSR activities in every officer and employee’s daily work and to infiltrate and establish them within global TOPCON GROUP companies.
  6. Topcon will acquire understanding and confidence of all the stakeholders of Topcon Group companies by providing with information actively.

Oct. 2008 Established