Topcon respects global standards for items concerning labor standards and contributes to building sustainable markets. We thus aim to enable our employees to learn on their own initiative and grow in a safe working environment. Moreover, at the same time we unify the Group behind common values toward the realization of our management vision, we regard human resources that contribute to creating values for the Group as “Topconians” and strive to nurture “Topconians” in their development.

Nurturing “Topconians”

The Topcon Group provides employees and other personnel with fair and equitable opportunities to grow through independent learning, and strives to foster a workplace culture that is conducive to making the most of their qualities. We provide employees and other personnel with opportunities for self-improvement, to enable them to perform duties that are commensurate with their assigned areas, responsibilities, and authority, while improving their skills both in and outside of work.

The development of Topconians is Topcon Group’s strategic human resource theme to realize its management vision.

Topconian possesses three qualities:

  1. seeks to develop and maintain a high level of expertise, while utilizing their expertise to generate profits
  2. acts with universal values, including thinking globally and respecting cultural diversity; and
  3. is a team player who makes the most of collaboration. We hold lectures and training regularly in order to further the development of such human resources

Safety Management

The Topcon Group thinks ensuring safety and health is important to avoid workplace accidents and enable our employees to perform at their best. With this in mind, the Group has adopted necessary safety measures for buildings and facilities and established work standards that prioritize employee safety and health. Employees are to comply with laws, regulations, and internal company rules on safety and health in recognition that safety comes first.

The crisis response system for unforeseen events we built is to ensure the safety of employees on business trips and overseas assignments as well as their families regardless of country or region, and we are working to establish and strengthen safety measures mainly as a way to prevent incidents and accidents.

With regards to overtime work, we have signed 36 agreements with the company labor union and we comply with them. At the same time, we review the work load of each employee, consolidate tasks, reassign personnel, and apply IT solutions to operations to achieve greater efficiency, harness automation to save labor, and standardize procedures. As a company, we seek to limit overtime hours to the minimum necessary.

Providing Flexible Working Arrangements

Topcon supports Work Style Reform to help employees achieve a balance between work and private life, while boosting labor productivity. We have established a variety of support programs for childbirth and childrearing, as part of these efforts.

Our Maternity Work Exemption Program allows a pregnant employee or employee who has given birth within the past year to take leave for the time necessary for medical examinations at the direction of a physician or obstetric nurse. In addition, when the spouse of a male employee gives birth, that employee may take a spousal maternity leave of three days.

Through these programs, we have developed a system that supports our employees and their families who are having children. As for childrearing, a female employee raising a baby under a year old may use the Childcare Break Program to take two 30-minute breaks every workday, in addition to the normal break time. There is also a Child Care Leave available until the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of two. In addition, we have expanded programs that allow employees to flexibly choose their work styles, including a Short-time, Shortday Work Program. We also offer a Child Nursing Leave Program that allows an employee raising an elementary school child or younger to take five days off per year for a single child, and ten days off per year for two or more such children. These programs help working parents raise their children and arrange flexible work styles.

Labor-Company Communication

The Topcon Group believes it is important for labor and management to directly exchange views on protecting the rights of employees as laborers. In Japan, Topcon Labor Union and related labor unions at group manufacturing affiliates have partnered. The Group works to improve communication by holding informal regular gatherings for labor-management discussions and joint labor-management councils where company representatives explain business conditions to Topcon Labor Union members.

Labor-management “kondankai” gatherings are informal, regular gatherings held once a month where labor union leaders and management can exchange views and share information. Labor unions receive reports on business conditions and topics from management, and in response, union leaders offer their views on the report.

Labor-management councils are held once a month, and either the labor union or management can propose an extraordinary session not on the regular schedule. At council meetings, both sides exchange views in greater depth and discuss and put forward agenda proposals and topics for debate.