Policy of Respecting Diversity

The Topcon Group values communication with its employees, with the aim to be a company that employees with different personalities and values can make the most of their capabilities, and thrive with creativity and an innovative spirit, regardless of nationality, race, or sex. To this end, we disseminate and implement the Topcon Global Code of Conduct, which is an action guideline for all Topcon Group employees, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Overseas sales ratio

Sales outside of Japan account for approx.
83% of the total sales

Overseas employees ratio

Non-Japanese employees account for approx.
71% of the total employees

Initiatives to Promote Diversity

The Topcon Group is a company with overseas sales accounting for roughly 80% of sales, and non-Japanese employees accounting for roughly 70% of the total workforce, and the Group possesses a global business network with bases in 30 countries and regions. Accordingly, we have hired the right people from a highly diverse pool of talent, for the right jobs from a global perspective. To create a workplace culture that is conducive to leveraging the resources of a diverse workforce, we place great importance on creating an environment in which women are able to fully exercise their individuality and abilities, and realize their own careers.

In terms of specific measures, we aim to create a support system that enables women to build continuous, long-term careers, by providing an environment where women can play even more active roles, regardless of their line of work. In addition, we also create opportunities for female employees to work overseas. By granting opportunities to ambitious individuals regardless of sex or age, we provide a setting in which our female staff can develop a global mindset.

Results of Specific Initiatives by Topcon

Number of female Directors and Executive Officers

■ 1 female Director(out of 9 Directors)   ■ 2 female Executive Officers(out of 25 Executive Officers)

Number of non-Japanese Executive Officers

■7 male Executive Officers, 1 female Executive Officer (out of 25 Executive Officers)

The percentage of female managerial employees and female employees

As of March 31, 2022As of March 31, 2023As of March 31, 2024
Employees in Topcon Group27%27%28%
Managerial Employees in Topcon Group15%18%19%
Employees in the Head Office18%17%18%
Managerial Employees in the Head Office8%7%8%