Topcon Group Environmental Vision 2030

As a corporate group that provides products to global markets, the Topcon Group aims to further enhance its corporate value by solving the societal challenges within healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure to enrich human life, and at the same time, tackling the two goals of reducing environmental impact through products and responding to climate change as below.

  1. Reducing Environmental Impact through Products
    We promote energy and resource conservation by further reducing the environmental impact of our products. We also work with our customers to offer products, technologies and services that contribute to the prevention of global warming, the effective use of resources, and the conservation of biodiversity. Furthermore, in our manufacturing-oriented environment, we endeavor to recycle and effectively use waste products generated from our business activities, including procurement, development, manufacturing, sales and services.
  2. Responding to Climate Change
    The Topcon Group regards response to climate change as the most important environmental protection task, and is striving to increase the use of renewable energy power. We seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities in Japan by 40% by the end of fiscal 2030 compared to the fiscal 2013 level.
    In accordance with this policy, we strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy power at overseas sites.