Topcon Celebrates the First Delivery of IP-S2 in Japan

December 7, 2009

The IP-S2 mobile survey system was delivered to the first Japanese user, the Satellite Bridge Company Limited in Iwamizawa-city, Hokkaido. Topcon invited Mr. Toshiaki Takabatake, president, as well as Mr. Shigeo Sawaya, corporate auditor, to the Topcon headquarters in Tokyo to celebrate this memorable delivery.

Mr. Takabatake said in a speech, “The Satellite Bridge is a joint venture established by five surveying companies in our region. Since its foundation, all of us keep sharing the same vision that we create new values by pursuing and implementing the best available technologies.”

“I believe the IP-S2 is the technology we need. We can add images along with 3D positional data to the digital maps. This feature will enable us to make completely new proposals to our clients, and to create new businesses.”

Mr. Sawaya said, “Using the IP-S2, we are planning to create new business models in several surveying fields that used to be unprofitable because of excessive labor and cost involved. We have several challenging projects such as data capture for road surface repair, digital mapping of forest roads, and creating hazard maps of dangerous regions.”

“The IP-S2 can solve problems that currently we are facing by its capability to acquire spatial data and imagery wherever we can drive a car. I am confident that this new solution will expand our business area.”

Norio Uchida, director and managing executive officer of Topcon Corporation, said, “The IP-S2 is designed to revolutionize the surveying and mapping workflow that exponentially improves productivity. There is clear indication that on a global scale, mobile data collection solutions will become one of the core technologies in the survey business in the short term.”

“We have set up the sales and support workforces dedicated to this technology, aiming to establish strong foundation in this new business field. I believe the technological breakthrough is one of the most powerful driving forces behind the creation of a better world. Topcon will keep supporting your innovative approaches,” Uchida said.