TOPCON selected for “Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks) 2022” for three consecutive years

Commitment in solving societal challenges within healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure highly acclaimed!!
June 7, 2022

TOPCON Corporation (HQ: Itabashi, Tokyo, CEO Satoshi Hirano) was selected as one of the “Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks) 2022” by METI and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the three consecutive years.

DX Stocks are designated for companies that establish internal structures to promote DX that lead to the improvement of corporate values, and aggressively continue to take on challenges to transform their management and the entire business model based on the premise of digital technology.

Topcon was selected as one of the 33 companies that scored highest in the overall rating of this year’s assessment from among all of listed companies in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our Corporate Identity is “Topcon contributes to enrich human life by solving the societal challenges within healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.” In addition, we have been contributing to a sustainable society by solving societal challenges in the fields of “Healthcare,” “Agriculture,” and “Infrastructure” in the global market by our DX solutions.

The points of the evaluation

Following last year’s DX initiatives in the “Agriculture” and “Infrastructure” fields, this year we were recognized for one of our DX solutions in the “Healthcare” business field, which is the creation of a shared care model through preventive screening of eye diseases outside the ophthalmology market.

The increase in the number of eye diseases due to the global aging population has become a societal challenge, and early detection and early treatment are required. However, the shortage of ophthalmologists (only approximately 200k worldwide) is also an issue for early detection of eye diseases.

In response to the challenge, we have created a system that enables preventive screening for eye diseases by utilizing the three million locations of family doctors, opticians, drug stores, etc. around the world, as well as a platform that enables the accumulation of examination data from the screening on the cloud and linkage with ophthalmologists. This will realize a “shared care model” that improves medical efficiency by linking the data of the preventive screening at family doctors, opticians, drugstores, etc., and treatment at ophthalmologists.

METI News Release “DX Stocks 2021” and “Noteworthy DX Companies 2022” Selected
(, Japanese only)

Tokyo Stock Exchange Press release “DX Stocks 2022” Selected
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■Topcon’s business efforts


Societal ChallengesIncrease in eye disease resulting from global population aging
DX solutionCreating a system for eye disease Screening


Societal challengesConcerns for food shortages resulting from global population growth
DX solutionCentralized management of the agricultural cycle by “Automation of farm operations”


Societal challengesShortage of skilled engineers resulting from globally rising infrastructure demands
DX solutionCentralization of workflow by “Automation of Construction process”

*DX:Digital Transformation
*Note: The term “digital transformation (DX)” refers to a situation where a company takes advantage of data and digital technologies to deal with dramatic changes in business environments, change its products, services and business models to meet the demands of customers and society and change its business itself, organizations, processes, corporate culture and corporate climate, so that it can establish a competitive advantage.