Topcon Releases the GRS-1 GNSS Receiver in Asian Markets

World's first integrated handheld receiver/controller
October 15, 2009

Topcon Corporation announces the release of the GRS-1 – the world’s first fully-integrated handheld dual-frequency GNSS receiver/field controller in Asian markets.

The GRS-1 integrates the following features in a compact, lightweight body:

  • Windows Mobile® based field controller
  • Internal L1 GPS+GLONASS antenna
  • GSM modem
  • Wireless LAN / Bluetooth® technology
  • Digital camera / Digital compass
  • 806MHz XScale processor
  • 256 SDRAM / 1GB Flash memory
  • SD memory card slot / USB mini port / Serial port
  • A detachable radio is also available as an option.

The GRS-1 can be configured for all GPS/GNSS positioning applications, including DGPS, static, RTK and network RTK, providing diverse accuracy levels.

In combination with the compact, lightweight external GNSS antenna, the GRS-1 offers ideal rover capabilities with an exceptionally low weighted center.

Leveraging its industry-leading features, the GRS-1 covers a broad range of applications from topographic and as-built survey, to construction stakeout, and even to GIS data collection using onboard field mapping software.