Topcon GLS-1500 Laser Scanner Increases Scan Speed by 10 Times

All-in-one Design Optimized for Surveying and Construction Applications
March 12, 2010

Topcon Corporation (TOKYO:7732)(ISIN:JP3630400004) announces the release of the GLS-1500, a new 3D laser scanner, in the Asian market. The GLS-1500 features high speed scanning capability of 30,000 points per second, ultra-low-noise data capturing and easy-to-handle all-in-one design.

“The GLS-1500 captures data 10 times faster than the previous model, dramatically reducing on-site scanning time,” said Hiroyuki Nishizawa, product manager of Topcon Corporation. “Topcon Precise Scan Technology maximizes the data quality by minimizing noise and measurement deviation, making it possible to present the finest texture of scanned objects.”

Incorporating the ultra-low-power laser diode, overall power consumption remains conservative as the previous model despite the increased rate of pulsed laser emission from 3,000 times to 30,000 times per second.

The GLS-1500 is equipped with 2-megapixel digital camera, sighting collimator, LCD display, keyboard, memory card, removable batteries and wireless LAN capability within its all-in-one unit. Nishizawa said, “A tripod is the only external device needed. Operation of GLS-1500 is so easy that users can make full use of this new scanner with a very short learning curve.”

Topcon ScanMaster software can control the GLS-1500 via wireless LAN connection with observing real-time video images from the built-in digital camera. The combination of point clouds and RGB picture data generates full-color 3D point clouds.

“Photorealistic 3D models make analysis easier, and provide the users with the ideal presentation tools that will certainly enhance communication with their clients,” said Nishizawa.

Measurement applications of the Topcon GLS-1500 include:

  • Road surface profile
  • Volume
  • Large structure
  • Tunnel
  • Disaster area
  • Forensic
  • Flood control
  • Historical architecture
  • Archaeology