March 18, 2011

Corporate Communication Dept.

TOPCON CORPORATION expresses our heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families who suffer from the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We sincerely hope for safety and swift recovery of the people and areas affected by this disaster.

The following is updated summary overview of our current status, as of March 17.

  1. Status of Our Group Companies
    1. Personnel
      • There are no casualties among our employees and their immediate families.
    2. Building and Equipments
      • Our group companies, including Topcon Headquarters, Topcon Yamagata Co., Ltd.(Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture), Optonexus Co., Ltd. (Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture), and Fukushima Sokkia Co., Ltd (Nishishirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture) have completed inspection and adjustment of machineries and facilities, and most of them have restarted their operation.
  2. Impacts of Planned Power Outage
    • Our manufacturing factories in Tohoku and Kanto areas including Topcon headquarters, Sokkia Topcon Co., Ltd., Topcon Yamagata Co., Ltd., Optonexus Co., Ltd., and Fukushima Sokkia Co., Ltd, are located in the areas in which the planned power outage will be conducted.
      It is not reported that these companies have experienced blackout yet, as of March 17, however, we are examining possible impacts in case of the power restriction.
  3. Impacts of Our Business Performance
    • We are currently assessing the effect of this disaster and planned power outage to our performance. We would make announcement once we judged that impact of the effect would expand.