Donation of Ophthalmic & Medical Instruments and Surveying Instruments to Myanmar

December 16, 2013

Topcon donated ophthalmic & medical instruments to the Myanmar Ministry of Health and surveying instruments to Yangon Technological University.

In Myanmar, which is expected to see a high level of future growth as a result of democratization achieved in 2011, improving a lack of medical professionals and medical instruments have become a matter of national urgency. Looking to be of assistance, Topcon donated one 3D OCT-1 Maestro (Maestro) Optical Coherence Tomography, which achieves fully automatic imaging, and four KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometers to the Myanmar Ministry of Health.
Topcon President & CEO Hirano presented the instruments list to the Myanmar Health Minister Prof. Pe Thet Khin at the December 2 donation ceremony held at the Ministry of Health located in Myanmar’s capital city of Naypyidaw.

The Maestro selection for donation achieves fully automatic imaging that allow one-touch 3D ocular cross-sectional imaging by anyone, expanding the instrument’s applicability beyond ophthalmic diagnoses to allow for use in preventive medicine and examinations.
Hirano explained that, unlike conventional products that require expertise and experience, the Maestro’s full-auto function makes it the perfect instrument for Myanmar as it works to develop its medical system.
It is Topcon’s hope that this equipment donation will help permeate and expand preventive checkup in Myanmar, assist in increasing the health of the people of Myanmar, and help constrain national medical expenses within any future public health insurance system.
The donated instruments are expected to be installed in major public and university hospitals selected by the Ministry of Health.

Prior to the abovementioned event, on November 29 Topcon donated surveying instruments – three Total Stations “ES Series” and five Auto Levels – to Yangon Technological University.
In addition to the urgent need for improvements to the country’s chronic traffic congestion resulting from a lack of paved roads, Myanmar is facing numerous infrastructural needs, including waterworks, electricity, and communications. Topcon hopes that this donation of equipment to Yangon Technological University, which is Myanmar’s highest-level technical university, will contribute to the education of human resources who will one day serve at the core of the country’s infrastructure development efforts as well as to the development of infrastructure in Myanmar.
Moving forward, we want to continue product education that utilizes the Topcon University program conducted by Topcon’s Smart Infrastructure Company.

Viewing these donations as a first step, Topcon will continue with initiatives that contribute to development in Myanmar.

(left)Topcon Corporation, President &
CEO Satoshi Hirano
(right)Myanmar Health Minister
Prof. Pe Thet Khin
(left to right)Prof. Pe Thet Khin,Topcon
Corporation President Eye Care Company,
Yasufumi Fukuma, Topcon President &
CEO, Hirano
(left)Pro Rector Yangon Technological
University, Prof.Dr. Khin Than Yu
(right)Topcon Corporation, President
Smart Infrastructure Company,
Shigeyuki Sawaguchi
Yangon Technological University and
Topcon Corporation official