Topcon acquires Mirage Technologies S.L.

3D Mass Data Visualization Software Provider
December 8, 2016

Topcon Corporation, (Headquarters: Itabashi, Tokyo Japan; President and CEO: Satoshi Hirano) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Topcon’) announces the acquisition of 100% stocks of Mirage Technologies S.L. (Headquarters: Spain) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mirage Tech’), having the technology of streaming and visualizing 3D Mass Data on web browsers and mobile devices.

Mirage Tech provides cloud-based services to process, stream and visualize 3D data of unlimited size efficiently in a web browser, using proprietary cutting edge technologies, without any need to install additional plugins.

In the domestic market of Japan, “i-Construction” has been highly encouraged by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) to increase the productivity of the construction site work from fiscal year 2016. Also in the global market, the demand for using 3D mass data on construction sites is increasing rapidly.
Mirage Tech’s cloud-based solution allows all the different stakeholders of the construction project to get access to the same data simultaneously, always and everywhere. This allows a time-effective communication which results in less delays and errors. Furthermore, neither special software nor high expensive powerful hardware are required to get access to the data as it is always available through the web browser.

The combination of TOPCON 3D Mass Data Collection instruments (Mobile Mapping Systems and Laser Scanners), UAV-based data and Mirage Tech 3D web visualization technology will create a total survey solution to handle 3D mass data in a more portable way and to increase the productivity on the construction sites.

* “i-Construction” is a registered trademark of National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, MLIT, JAPAN.

About Mirage Tech

Company NameMirage Technologies S.L.
CEOMr. Salvador Bayarri
AddressPasseig de les Facultats, 12, pta 2, Valencia, Spain
Business3D data visualization software development