Good Design Award 2007

Topcon GNSS Receiver GR-3 Wins the Good Design Gold Prize
October 1, 2007

Four of Topcon’s products received “Good Design Award 2007” from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
One of these was our GNSS receiver GR-3, selected for its superior design in the category of Product Design.

Good Design Gold Prize GNSS receiver GR-3
Data collector FC-200/ Radio modem RS-1
Robotic total station GPT-9000A/Remote control system RC-3
3D Optical coherence tomography 3D OCT-1000

The Good Design Award is an evaluation and recommendation system for overall design sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. The Good Design Award not only evaluates beauty in design, but also considers the level of quality, ease of use and the overall product. Our company has received the Good Design award 24 years in a row since 1984.

We received the following high praise from the jury.

  • GNSS receiver GR-3
    “This receiver has a beautiful design that combines everything from the detailed user interface to compactness to ease of use to meet a diverse positioning environments.”
  • Data Collector FC-200/ Radio Modem RS-1
    “We were really impressed with the seriousness of the design, from its feel to its dustproof and waterproof performance. Topcon’s high quality design management is truly shown in seamless shape, coloring, and materials.”
  • Robotic Total Station GPT-9000A/Remote control System RC-3
    “This device added a new twist in the interface that they became easier to use while expressing its advances in specification.”
  • 3D Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1000
    “The design shows a high level of awareness about communication between the doctor and the patient. It encompasses the precision and caring inherent in Topcon’s design identity.”