TOPCON reference stations chosen by Beijing Meteorological Bureau

May 20, 2009

TOPCON has been selected by the Beijing Meteorological Bureau (BJMB) to supply continuously operating reference stations (CORS). The stations will be used in the Beijing ground-based GPS-PWV (Precipitable Water Vapor) detection system project.

TOPCON will supply 14 sets of Net-G3 CORS receivers and CR-G3 GNSS choke ring antennas.

Eduardo Falcon, senior vice president and general manager of TPS’ Emerging Business unit, said, “TOPCON is very pleased to have been selected for the GPS/GNSS meteorological data monitoring project.” TOPCON’s Net-G3 family of receivers that will be used for the project incorporate TOPCON G3 technology which allows for universal signal tracking compatible with all existing and planned satellite navigation systems.

“TOPCON has worked with BJMB in recent years and the awarding of this contract affirms the bureau’s satisfaction with the performance of TOPCON CORS receivers and the customer service provided, ” Falcon said. BJMB established its first 14 GPS CORS in 2006 as a pilot project in Fangshan District and Huairou District of Beijing City. TOPCON CORS receivers were used in the pilot program.

The pilot system was used to provide weather forecasts during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Falcon said, “The contract with BJMB has an important significance in consolidating TOPCON GNSS technology in first-tier research and application projects in China.”

The 14 receivers will be deployed in Yanqing District and Miyun District of Beijing, where two major water reservoirs are located, to detect precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere above the area and improve weather forecast service to the public.