Topcon Singapore Medical Announces its New Managing Director, Leo Hiroshi Nagatake leads the company from 1st April 2020.

April 23, 2020

SINGAPORE – Topcon Singapore Medical Pte. Ltd. (“TSM”) has announced that Leo Hiroshi Nagatake, who is currently leading Topcon Healthcare Solutions Asia Pacific (“THSAP”), has been appointed as TSM’s new managing director. Leo has succeeded Calvin Lee, the former managing director of TSM, who retired in the end of Mar 2020.

“I am very honored and truly excited with this new role. I will do my best to better serve customers in Asia not only by provision of ophthalmic device, but also by solutions that help customers address their issues. To understand customers’ pain points more, we all are committed to starting with enhancing customer contact points and listening to them even more.” said Leo. As a leader of THSAP, Leo continued, “By leveraging THSAP’s past activities in Asia, we are now ready to start providing digital solutions in majority of Asian countries. We believe this will prove out establishing Topcon’s position of the leading solution provider as well as converting our value proposition in eye care industry in sync with the Topcon global mid-term plan.”

“With the new Corporate Identity of our Eye Care business, ‘Topcon Healthcare – Seeing Eye Health Differently,’ we are currently confronting with increasing expectations toward digital and solution offerings,” said Fumio Ohue, Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Eye Care Business Division at Topcon Corporation. “I expect a great business reformation to come under his new leadership.”

Leo further commented, “In the light of current global practice of ‘Social Distancing’ caused by COVID-19, the world is in a serious want of a remote, automated and self-operating solutions and related devices in ophthalmology, optometry and opticianry scenes. We are now further emphasizing the importance to adopt such solutions with expedition.”

About Topcon Healthcare business in Asia
Topcon is a comprehensive diagnostic device manufacturer within the worldwide eye care community. Topcon Singapore Medical and Topcon Healthcare Solutions Asia Pacific, both based in Singapore, are providing not only ophthalmic hardware but also cutting edge digital eye care solutions such as tele-ophthalmology/optometry and cloud base data management solution to customers in Asia wide. To keep yourself updated with Topcon’s future collaboration, please visit

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