Topcon Releases the DL-500 series Digital Levels Featuring the World’s First ‘Wave-and-Read’ Technology

March 17, 2010

Topcon Corporation (TOKYO:7732)(ISIN:JP3630400004) announces the release of the new DL-500 series digital levels in the Asian market.

New Topcon DL-500 implements the world’s first ‘Wave-and-Read’ technology. “This feature provides an additional survey style option that allows a rod person to wave the staff back and forth, instead of keeping the staff plumb,” said Takashi Tanaka, product manager of Topcon Corporation.

The staff reading becomes the minimum when it stands vertically. The DL-500 tracks the waved staff and automatically reads the least value. “This innovative technology allows for error-free readings of waved staffs, while dramatically reducing operator’s eyestrain,” said Tanaka.

The DL-500 also incorporates the advanced Random-Bidirectional code (RAB code) for the staff and optimum digital processing algorithm for staff reading. “These technologies gave the DL-500 an ability to provide exceptional measurement accuracy, stability and speed under a variety of environmental conditions,” said Tanaka. “Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or in dim lighting conditions as low as 20 lux, one single button triggers measurement and the DL-500 instantly shows reliable results.”

The DL-500 automatically recognizes the staff directions, either upright or inverted. “Inverted staff reading capability facilitates height measurements of ceilings, tree branches, road signs, bridges and tunnel crowns, further broadening application of digital levels” said Tanaka.

Two models are available in different height measurement accuracy.

  • DL-502 : 0.6mm (Invar staff), 1.0mm (fiberglass staff)
  • DL-503 : 0.8mm (Invar staff), 1.5mm (fiberglass staff)

DL-500 features include:

  • Reliable pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
  • 2,000 points internal memory
  • Onboard measurement programs such as elevation, height difference, ceiling height, cut/fill and stakeout in horizontal distance
  • Invar, fiberglass and aluminum RAB-code staffs are available
‘DL-500 series’
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