Topcon announces establishment of a new set of group-wide common value, called TOPCON WAY

April 28, 2011

Topcon Corporation (TOKYO: 7732) (ISIN: JP3630400004) announces that it has established the TOPCON WAY as the most significant set of common values through integrating and restructuring the Business Philosophy, the Management Policy and the Business Conduct Guidelines.

The Management Philosophy and the Management Policy were established in 1983, and those, as a management compass, had brought it the great growth and progress for decades. It was also the fact, however, that its business environment was drastically changed mainly driven by globalization, and Topcon Group itself has had over 60 companies and 70 percent of its sales have been generated outside of Japan.

Under current business situation such that it is always required to demonstrate its all-round ability, it redefined and clarified its common values transcending nationalities and individual companies in order to exert its strengths such as global scale and diversity, and to build a self-supporting organizational culture.

Every employee conducts TOPCON WAY, and Topcon Group will step in brand-new direction for centennial through which it does not only conduct its strategies to strengthen the profitability by foreseeing changes of business environment, but also enhance its capability with the mindset of TOPCON WAY.