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Corporate Information

When was the company established?

Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd. was established on September 1st, 1932 based on the surveying instrument division of K.Hattori and Co.,Ltd. (currently Seiko Holdings Corporation) and Katsuma Kogaku Kikai Co., Ltd. The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.
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When was TOPCON listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

May 1949. It was subsequently listed on the first section of the stock exchange in September 1986.

What are your main products?

Positioning GNSS Receiver(GPS/GLONASS/Galileo), GPS+Reference Station System, Precision Agriculture, Machine Control System, Asset Management System.
Smart Infrastructure Total Station, Field Controller, Level, Theodolite, Rotating Laser, Pipe Laser, 3D Scanner, Mobile Mapping System.
Eye Care Retinal Cameras, 3D OCT, Tonometers, Slit Lamps, Operation Microscope, Pattern Scanning Laser, Specular Microscope, Ophthalmic Data System IMAGEnet, Computerized Vision Tester, Auto Refractometer, Auto kerato-Refractometer, Lensmeter, Trial Lens Set.

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Where does the name "TOPCON" come from?

The name "TOPCON" was initially chosen when the company called for internal submissions of possible names for a newly developed camera, circa 1953. The name was used for the 35mm "TOPCON 35A" camera that went on sale in November 1953. Subsequently, the name was used not only for cameras, but also as the brand name for our products. In 1989, we extended this brand name and changed our company name to "Topcon Corporation".

It is said that the name is derived from Tokyo Optical Company, the English name for our former company.

Financial Information

I would like to see the company's newest financial information.

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Do you have plans to hold a session regarding the company's financial settlement?

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Stock Information

What are the record dates for dividend payment?

The year-end dividend is paid to shareholders of record on March 31, and the interim dividend is paid to shareholders of record en September 30. Click here for past dividend on the stock.


I would like information about research and development/technologies.

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Have you stopped making cameras and camera lenses?

Due to various reasons, we terminated sales/production of our camera business more than 35 years ago, in 1980. We currently have no plans to restore this business.