Corporate Information

  • When was the Company etsblished?

    Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd. was established on September 1st, 1932 based on the surveying instrument division of K.Hattori and Co.,Ltd. (currently Seiko Holdings Corporation) and Katsuma Kogaku Kikai Co., Ltd. The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.
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  • When was the Company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

    The Company was listed on May 1949. It was subsequently listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 1986 and has been transferred to Prime Market in April 2022.

  • What is the origin of the name “TOPCON”?

    In around 1953, we asked internally for the name of the newly developed camera and the name “TOPCON” was chosen. Therefore the name was adopted in TOPCON 35 A, our 35 mm camera, released in November 1953. After that, it was used for a long time not only as a brand name for cameras but also for the Company products. In April 1989, the Company name was changed to “Topcon Corporation” in line with the brand name.
    TOPCON is said to be based on the English name of the former company name, Tokyo Optical Company.

Stock-related Information

  • When do you hold the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders?

    The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held in late June.
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  • What are the record dates for dividend payment?

    The year-end dividend is paid to shareholders of record on March 31, and the interim dividend is paid to shareholders of record on September 30.

  • When do you pay out the dividends?

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Financial Information

Business Information

  • What are your main businesses?

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  • What are your R&D activities?

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  • Have you stopped the production of cameras and camera lenses?

    We terminated sales and production of our camera business more than 35 years ago in 1980 due to various reasons. We currently have no plans to restore this business.