TOPCON Extends Aid to Victims of Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China

June 19, 2008

Chinese Sichuan big earthquake, occurred on May 12, 2008, caused a one of the most serious damages in years.
An aftershock still remains and the situation has been unstable. In such serious situation, many of domestic companies and foreign governments & companies are positively providing monetary donation and engaging in support activities.
TOPCON CORPORATION has decided to engage in the reconstruction support by helping the construction of disaster prevention systems hoping for the earliest possible recovery for all individuals suffering from the earthquake and for their peaceful life The Topcon Group donated five sets of highly precise GPS receivers and provided a free technical support to the China Earthquake Administration on June 12.
In addition, 334,326 yuan (about 5,100,000 yen) in cash is contributed to the Chinese local government and the Red Cross Society of China by the Chinese subsidiaries of the Topcon Group and the volunteers.
We would like to convey our deepest sympathy to the victims of the earthquake along with our sincere wishes for the earliest recovery.