Topcon Healthcare Participates in OneSight Mission to Provide Free Vision Care to Those in Need

February 25, 2022

Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is proud to be an integral part of Luxottica’s OneSight mission. OneSight is a leading global non-profit organization that is dedicated to eradicating the vision care crisis. Their goal is to create a world where a lack of access to vision care is no longer a barrier to human achievement and possibility. From one-week charitable clinics to long-term self-sustaining vision centers, OneSight delivers quality eye exams and glasses to underserved populations globally. To date, they have helped over 37 million people worldwide in 53 countries and counting.

OneSight Vision Van
The OneSight Vision Van, dubbed “Eyeleen”, is a mobile eye care clinic that is outfitted with Topcon exam lane equipment.

Topcon has been a key partner of OneSight for the past 15 years, donating its time, equipment and service. Topcon Engineers and Onesight worked to build Eyeleen, a mobile Vision Van outfitted with two Topcon Lanes and pre-test equipment. The Vision Van travels across the globe all year long and in the summer, makes a stop at the Fresh Air Fund camp in Fishkill, NY.

The OneSight Vision Van, dubbed “Eyeleen”, is a mobile eye care clinic that is outfitted with Topcon exam lane equipment.

It is at this open-air camp where Topcon employees take a day out of the office to donate their time, expertise and enthusiasm. They volunteer at all levels, from registration, to helping to conduct eye exams, to fitting the children for frames. Each summer, over 3,000 kids are screened for vision correction needs. Each child that needs a pair of eyeglasses gets a pair that is custom made for them onsite, ensuring that they will start the new school year off right.

Topcon interns volunteers at the OneSight
A group of Topcon interns volunteers at the OneSight screening clinic in New York City during the summer of 2021.

Having access to vision care has proven to be critical for children.  Studies have shown that vision impairment, when left untreated, can negatively impact a child’s physical, social and cognitive development.Children from low income families are disproportionately affected by the lack of access to vision care and are at an increased risk for vision loss, making it critical for organizations like OneSight and the Fresh Air Fund to step in and fulfill this need.

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In addition to the Vision Van and Fresh Air Fund camp, Topcon was also a key contributor to OneSight’s Vision Center at Oyler School, the first self-sustaining school-based vision center in the United States. Open since October 2012, the center has focused on serving thousands of Cincinnati public, private and parochial students. Operated by the Cincinnati Health Department, the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School provides access to comprehensive eye exams, eyeglass fittings, adjustments and medical eye care for children on government assisted insurance programs. Topcon was grateful to be selected as the primary equipment vendor and to serve so many in need of vision care.

OneSight volunteer uses the Chonos
A OneSight volunteer uses the Chonos All-in-One Refraction System to perform a refraction on a patient during a screening program.

Topcon looks forward to continuing to partner with OneSight for many years to come.  Through initiatives such as the Vision Van, the Fresh Air Fund camp and the Oyler School, Topcon products and people are having a direct impact on their community, helping to provide vision care to those who need it most.  For more information on OneSight and its mission to eradicate the global vision care crisis, please visit