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How to use the IR website

Change text size

Click the "Large" font size button at the top of the screen to enlarge the font size.
Click "Normal" to go back to the default size.


*Enable JavaScript and CSS in your browser's settings in order to use this function.

*The font size can also be changed in your browser's settings.

*Text in images cannot be enlarged.


use_001.jpg New window icon

The link will open in a new window.

In addition to the above new window icon, data marked by the icon below will also be opened in a new window.

use_002.jpg PDF icon

A PDF file will open.
Adobe Reader is required to view pages marked by this icon.
Download the latest version from the website below.

use_003.jpg Video icon

Watch videos of information sessions and other presentations.
*Also available on smartphones and tablets.

use_005.jpg Excel icon

Download the Excel data.


We offer an RSS feed for the latest investor information, updates, etc.
See the page below for details.
rss.jpg On RSS


Register for "IR E-mail Alert" to receive e-mails with the latest IR information, news releases and special topics.
Use the link on the home page or at the bottom of the menu on the left.

IR Englishをクリックした時の例 IR Englishをクリックした時の例

Site Search

Click the "IR Sitemap" link on the left menu to view the IR page structure.


If you do not find the information you are looking for with the sitemap, enter the keyword you wish to search in the box in the upper right corner and click the search button.


Using a Smartphone or Tablet

Topcon Global Gateway automatically switches between designs according to the screen size of your device.
The menu on smartphones and tablets differs from that of the desktop version.

Topcon Global Gateway Menu Display

Tap the menu (Ⅰ) in the upper right corner to open each menu (global navigation and header on desktop version). Each site can be accessed from here.
(A menu is also provided at the bottom of the screen as with the desktop version.)
Tap the menu (Ⅱ) again to close it.


IR Menu Display

Tap "IR" (Ⅲ) below the breadcrumb menu at the top of the screen to open the IR menu (left menu of the desktop version). Each of the contents can be accessed from here.
Tap "IR" (Ⅳ) again or tap "Close" (Ⅴ) at the bottom of the menu to close it.


Return to Top of Page

Tap the arrow (Ⅵ) at the bottom right corner to return to the top of the page.


Enlarge Screen

If the graphs or text within images are too small to read, place two fingers on top and spread them (pinch out/pinch open) to enlarge the screen.
To go back to the original size, place two fingers on the screen and bring them together (pinch in/pinch close), and the screen will shrink.