Director  Naoko Yamazaki

Director (Outside Director)
Naoko Yamazaki
[Date of Birth]
December 27, 1970

April 1996 Joined the National Space Development Agency of Japan (currently Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA))
September 2001 Certified as International Space Station (ISS) onboard astronaut
June 2004 Director of the board, Corporate Officer, Nabtesco Corporation
Deputy General Manager of Technology and R&D Div., Nabtesco Corporation
February 2006 Acquired certification for Mission Specialist, Space Shuttle
April 2010 Crew Member of Space Shuttle Discovery as Mission Specialist, participated in Construction and Supply for ISS
August 2011 Retired from JAXA
September 2011 Honorary Chairperson, the National Soroban Education Association (to present)
April 2012 Visiting Professor, Ritsumeikan University (to present)
July 2012 Member, Committee on National Space Policy, Cabinet Office (to present)
May 2013 Visiting Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design (to present)
July 2015 Director, Japanese Rocket Society (to present) and Chairperson of Sorajo Committee (to present)
December 2015 Advisory Board Member, International Robot Competition Executive Committee (to present)
January 2016 Specialist Member, Council on Science Technology and Academics (Marine Resource Development Subcommittee)
March 2016 Outside Director, Nabtesco Corporation (to present)
July 2016 Member, the Long-term Global Warming Countermeasures Platform, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
November 2016 Ambassador, WINDS (Women's Initiative in Developing STEM Career), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
September 2017 Outside Director, Optorun Co., Ltd. (to present)
June 2018 Director (Outside Director) (to present)