Director  Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Director (Outside Director)
Kazuyuki Matsumoto
[Date of Birth]
September 21, 1945

April 1970 Joined Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd.(Currently Nabtesco Corporation)
June 2000 Executive Officer, Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd.
June 2001 Director, Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd.
September 2003 Corporate Officer, Nabtesco Corporation
June 2004 Director of the board, Corporate Officer, Nabtesco Corporation
Deputy General Manager, Technology and R&D Div. (in charge of technological development), Nabtesco Corporation
June 2005 Representative Director, President&CEO, Nabtesco Corporation
June 2011 Director & Chairman, Nabtesco Corporation
June 2013 Outside Director, the Company (to present)
June 2013 Outside Director, Kitz Corporation (to present)