Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Makoto Iwasaki

Representative Director
Senior Managing Executive
Makoto Iwasaki
[Date of Birth]
August 10, 1955

April 1979 Joined Tokyo Optical Co, Ltd. (Currently Topcon Corporation)
June 2000 Senior Manager of Parts Manufacturing Plant, General Production & Environment Div.
June 2010 Executive Officer
June 2011 General Manager of General Quality & Production Div.
April 2012 General Manager of General Production Div.
April 2014 General Manager of General Administration & Legal Div. (to present)
June 2014 Director
June 2015 Managing Executive Officer
General Manager of Operational Reforms Div.
April 2016 Senior Managing Executive Officer (to present)
General Manager of Production Div.
April 2017 Representative Director (to present)
June 2017 General Manager of Procurement Div.
April 2018 General Manager of Manufacturing Div.
General Manager of Custom Products Business Promotion Div. (to present)
November 2018 General Manager of Quality Assuranve Div. (to present)