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Corporate Overview

Company Name

Topcon Corporation


75-1, Hasunuma-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-8580, Japan


September 1, 1932

Stock Exchange Listing

First section, Tokyo Stock Exchange

Securities code


Paid-in Capital

16,638 million yen

(Fiscal year ended March 2018)

Employees (Consolidated)


(As of March 31, 2018)
Consolidated Subsidiaries

87 (Domestic:9)

(As of March 31, 2018)

Satoshi Hirano, President & CEO

Business segment information

The main operations of the Topcon are divided into the three segment of Positioning, Smart Infrastructure and Eye Care.

From civil engineering construction automation using the latest in high-precision GNSS (GPS) positioning technology to the automation and digitization of construction management, cost management, and agriculture, we are making dramatic developments.
Smart Infrastructure
We are fusing the surveying technology that has been at the core of our business since our founding with laser technology and image analysis technology to expand our areas of operation into social infrastructure development, and even into the area of structure maintenance and management.
Eye Care
By expanding our areas of operation from advanced ophthalmological instruments in the field of examination, diagnosis, and treatment into the area of preventative medicine and physical checkups, we are contributing to the early discovery and early treatment of eye diseases.

The Positioning segment and Smart Infrastructure segment businesses are collectively referred to as the Positioning Business.

Business Outline

Positioning Business

Infrastructure development for enriched and developing societies require productive and practical use of space as the world becomes more densely populated. Surveying equipment is vital to achieving accurate measurements of the positioning information that will enable the efficient of space and resources. Topcon boasts a large share of the global market. Our total station product series offers a diverse lineup to meet customer needs. We also offer a wide range of high-precision GNSS receivers that can utilize signals from all available satellite constellations to provide accurate positioning information to the diverse needs of surveying, civil engineering and construction. Together, this technology makes possible a high-speed, high-precision positioning business.

IT Construction

IT construction is a system of construction machines conducting operations automatically based on 3D design data uploaded to the machinery. It could be viewed as a 3D printer for construction sites. Topcon has been involved in automated construction for 20 years. Equipping construction machinery with our precision GPS and other sensors combined with a hydraulic control system enables leveling and excavation work based on 3D design data. The results in accurate work regardless of driver experience.

And the application of cloud technology enables the real-time sharing of information for multiple construction machines (regardless of manufacturer) operating at work sites, which supports project progress management.

3D Measurement

Topcon provides three types of solutions for mass data capture: mobile, terrestrial and aerial. Our mobile mapping system is capable of acquiring roadside 3D data and video, and multi-angle, high-precision, high-density 3D data. Our laser scanner provides high-speed acquisition of non-contact, high-precision data applicable for wide-range of applications. Topcon also offers high-accuracy aerial mapping according to user-defined areas, altitudes and photo intervals. Data created by Topcon technologies can be integrated for road construction and repairs, maintenance of large-scale structures such as bridges and dams, waterway surveys, the analysis of disaster areas and accident sites, and repairs to and digitalization of archaeological sites and historical buildings.


There are concerns that the world could face a food shortage due to population growth. Topcon has succeeded in applying construction machinery control and ICT technology toward automation and IT technology for use in agricultural machines. Combining automated operation based on GPS and electronic handle with non-contact sensors used to measure crop growth conditions and a variable spraying system results in increased farming work efficiency and productivity. We will develop total agriculture industry solutions by combining livestock and harvest weight sensors or optical sensors that measure feed and fertilizer, and using the cloud to conduct management and analysis.

Eye Care Business

People rely on their vision for 80% of their external information. Topcon provides devices and systems used in examination, diagnosis, and treatment within the field of ophthalmology to help promote comfortable vision. We make broad-based contributions to the health industry with a focus on the keyword "eyes."

Global population aging has led to an increase in concerns related to illnesses that could harm eye health. Topcon is aggressively involved in providing solutions, from the development of gentle patient treatment devices utilized in the field of treatment to examinations for lifestyle diseases in the field of preventive medicine as well as solutions for prognostic management.

Ophthalmic IT Solution

Ophthalmology examinations require a particularly large number of testing steps. Examinations are complex and they result in the generation of massive amounts of imaging and test data. As a comprehensive manufacturer of ophthalmological devices, Topcon pioneered the industry's first image filing system. This system was integrated into numerous university hospitals and clinics, greatly contributing to the total solution for eye examinations.

Recently, Topcon has expanded beyond the field of ophthalmology to contribute to the realization of efficient medical examinations by linking with hospital information systems and using cloud services to establish links with

local medical networks.

Net Sales

Sales by Segment

Sales by Segment

*As of April 1, 2016, the names of the Smart Infrastructure Company and the Eye Care Company were changed to the Smart Infrastructure Business and the Eye Care Business, respectively.

Sales by region

Sales by Region

The expansion of business

Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd. was established on September 1932 to manufacture surveying instruments, binoculars, cameras and optical instruments for Japanese Army.

The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.

Founded in optical technology, we have used M&A and alliances to combine various technologies and produce highly creative products. Topcon is also involved in new fields such as IT construction and IT agriculture. Through the development of our expanding infrastructure and maintenance business across the world and our advanced solutions in the field of ophthalmology, including solutions to address global population aging, we are achieving global expansion as a business that beneficial to humanity.

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Major M&A


Established Topcon Laser Systems Inc. (currently Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.) in California, USA.

Acquired Advanced Grade Technology, entry into the machine control business.


Acquired JPS, Inc. in the United States. Started selling of precision GPS receivers and related system products.


Acquired KEE Technologies Pty Ltd., in Australia for entry into field of agriculture.


Conducted a takeover bid for shares of SOKKIA Co., LTD. In Japan, and made it a subsidiary to enhance competitiveness of the Positioning Business in the global market.


Established Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc. by acquiring retina and glaucoma business of OptiMedica (U.S.A) and entered therapeutic laser market.


Acquired Wachendorff Electronik GmbH., in Germany, a manufacturer of highly climate-resistant displays. Move strengthens machine control systems and precision agriculture OEM business and reinforces global structure by establishing a manufacturing base in Europe.


Acquired Digi-Star Investments, Inc. to expand precision agriculture by providing total solutions in the farming industry, including for dry-field farming and dairy farming.


We signed a tender offer for Germany's ifa system AG and brought the company into the Topcon Group. We will work toward the global expansion of the electronic medical record system for the ophthalmology business.