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Management Strategy

Topcon for Human Life

Expand our businesses and solve the societal challenges within the growing market of healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.

Topcon embraces the slogan "Topcon for Human Life". We will focus on expanding business by resolving societal challenges in the growth markets of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. For Topcon, this means growing our business in the ophthalmological field (healthcare), the IT agriculture field (agriculture), and the fields of IT construction and infrastructure development (infrastructure).
Through our work in these massive business domains, Topcon will apply our solutions towards resolving societal challenges, and through these efforts succeed in growing our business.

Management Targets

Our Group is aiming for ROE20% as we strive to increase our corporate value.

Mid-term Business Plan

Topcon drew up our second mid-term business plan set to end in FY 2018.

Accelerating Growth Strategy a New Stage
Strategy 1 - Strengthening the Management Structure
・One Company and Two Businesses:
We will restructure our organization Smart Infrastructure Company and Eye Care Company from company structures to business divisions to establish function-based systems for technology, production, and sales to achieve total optimization in order to improve management efficiency.
・Improvement of Business Efficiency:
We will improve management efficiency by consolidating and eliminating locations that increased as a result of M&A, COGS reduction of current products on the market, utilizing China production centers to reduce procurement costs, and through ERP utilization.
・Improvement of Cash Flow:
We will improve cash flows from operations by improving income and reducing inventory assets.
Strategy 2 - Launch disruptive strategic products
・Positioning Company:
Expansion of IT Construction / IT Agriculture
・Smart Infrastructure Business:
Strengthening the Core Business and Developing the Growing Business
・Eye Care Business:
EMR(Electrical Medical Record), Entry to the Telemedicine Business
Strategy 3 - Utilize global human resources
In addition to our one-time purchase sales business model, we will develop subscription businesses in the IT Construction, IT Agriculture, and Eye Care Business as well as businesses in all domains of healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.

Speedy business management by foreseeing changes

With a strong focus on our growth strategy of mid-long term, we will respond to the latest business environment changes, keenly and promptly.

Strengths of Topcon

Expanding business in growing fields

Embracing the slogan of "Topcon for Human Life", we strive to be a company that beneficial to humanity through our business activities in the domains of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure, the basic foundations of people's lives. With an increasing number of eye care patients due to global population aging, food shortages caused by global population growth, global infrastructure demands and a shortage of engineering personnel to meet that demand, and continued infrastructure deterioration, Topcon works to address societal challenges in these and other growth domains.

Expanding business in growing fields

Global business development

Our overseas sales ratio was 79% in FY 2017. Topcon has developed a global network of production, development, and sales locations. At Topcon, 70% of Group employees and 850% overseas consolidated subsidiary company presidents are non-Japanese. As a result, we have achieved a system that enables us to select optimal regions for production and sales.

Worldwide locations
Global Place
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