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Management Strategy

Topcon for Human Life

Expand our businesses and solve the societal challenges within the growing market of Healthcare, Agriculture and Infrastructure.

Topcon embraces the slogan "Topcon for Human Life". We will focus on expanding business by resolving societal challenges in the growth markets of Healthcare, Agriculture, and Infrastructure. For Topcon, this means growing our business in the ophthalmological field (Healthcare), the IT Agriculture field (Agriculture), and the fields of IT Construction and infrastructure development (Infrastructure).
Through our work in these massive business domains, Topcon will apply our solutions towards resolving societal challenges, and through these efforts succeed in growing our business.

Mid-term Business Plan

Topcon drew up our Third Mid-term Business Plan set to end in FY 2021.

For more details click on a link, The Third Mid-term Business Plan (FY2019 to FY2021)