Topcon Online Roadshow – Machine Control Solution & 3D Design data Festival

  • Smart Infrastructure
October 18, 2021

You will see and experience the most productive workflow from Topcon when it comes to earthworks & paving.
It’s a game-changer against your current workflow that you are applying to your projects right now. Robotic Total Station and GNSS receivers navigates you the locations based on your design data. And your heavy machineries are navigated and automatically moved based on your design data.
Let us show you how beneficial these solutions are and how it contributes to boost your productivity and improve your workflow.

We have LIVE demonstration 21st with Motor Grader, 26th with Excavator, 27th with 3D Design data.

You can enjoy watching like festivals and learn the new technologies !! Register quickly as the seats are limited. See you at the roadshow !!

Dates & Time

18, 21, 26, 27 October, 2021

12:00~13:00 India Standard Time
13:30~14:30 Thailand Standard time
14:30~15:30 Malaysia Standard Time
15:30~16:30 South Korean Standard Time



>>Detail Schedule and Overview, please see the flyer.

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