Providing new value based on optical technology

Topcon has been introducing game-changing products in the field of surveying and ophthalmic instruments since its foundation. In addition, we were among the first to focus on overseas markets, and advanced the integration of various technologies through M&As and alliances.
We are a global leader in technology offering leading-edge and proprietary products such as automation of construction process, automation of farm operations, and eye screening. In order to achieve our mission to solve societal challenges in healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure, we will continue to push the envelope and develop disruptive technology.

  • Optical design

    Optical design

    We possess lens design and thin-film technology, which are the backbone of sensing technology for "Sensor to AI". Our optical design optimizes the entire optical measurement system. We leverage special thin film coating technology, mass production technology, and special processing technology to create highly advanced optical sensors.

  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology

    GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology

    Our proprietary Vanguard Technology™ reliably captures signals from all positioning satellites. This includes not only GPS and GLONASS, but also QZSS and Galileo and others. In order to realize high-speed and high-precision positioning, it is equipped with a 452 channel reception capability, enabling highly sensitive and stable reception.
    With positioning accuracy of several millimeters, it is widely used not only for surveying but also for civil engineering and IT agriculture.

  • Optical sensing/ Applied optics

    Optical sensing/ Applied optics

    The distance measurement technology used in surveying instruments realizes accurate measurement to the millimeter, by precisely measuring the time of the laser beam transmitted back and forth to an object. This technology provides highly accurate 3D position measurement. In addition, the non-contact measurement of crop growth using spectroscopic technology controls the amount of fertilizer applied in real time. This technology is a driving force of IT Agriculture which optimizes crop growth and quality.

  • Control technology

    Control technology

    Combining high-precision 3D position measurement technology and precision hydraulic control technology enables automatic control of construction machine blades and buckets to match 3D design data. In the field of IT agriculture, the combination of location information and electric steering makes it possible for farming machinery to run automatically, and greatly increases the efficiency of farm operations.

  • Thorough examination of 3D fundus

    Thorough examination of 3D fundus

    3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is the culmination of optical sensing, optometry, and image processing technologies, and we were the first in the world to bring this to market. In addition to conventional fundus camera functions, we have developed a new technology that instantly reflects the microscopic 3D structure of the fundus, opening a new era in ophthalmic examination and diagnosis. The latest model can capture high-resolution images not only of the retina but also of the vitreous body and choroid, and is widely used for research on the degree of disease progression and disease mechanism.

  • New value creation

    New value creation "Sensor to AI"

    While AI, or artificial intelligence, is attracting worldwide attention, we are developing technology based on integrating high-performance sensors with AI. Using our core optical technology, the high-performance sensor suppresses noise and fluctuations in real world data, enabling stable and highly accurate information collection. The ability to develop "Sensors and AI" as a single unit is unique to Topcon.