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At Topcon, our core business is founded on the surveying instruments we have manufactured since our founding in 1932 and ophthalmic & medical equipment we introduced to the market following World War II. Since then, we have expanded our business domains through a combination of M&A and alliances, including construction machinery control technology since 1994, precision GPS receivers since 2000, precision agriculture since 2006, and mobile control technology since 2007.
Today, the world is facing an increase in eye diseases due to global population aging, food shortages caused by global population increase, global infrastructure demands and a shortage of engineering personnel to meet that demand, and continued infrastructure deterioration. In the domains of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure, we embraces the slogan "Topcon for Human Life" as we work to expand our business by applying Topcon solutions towards resolving societal challenges.

Our Business

Topcon operates in three segments, the Positioning Business, which uses high-precision GNSS positing technology to achieve the automation of civil engineering construction and farming, the Smart Infrastructure Business, which applies the surveying technology we have developed since our founding in the fields of infrastructure development and structural maintenance and management, and the Eye Care Business, which offers advanced solutions in the field of ophthalmology. In the fields of healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure, the basic foundations of people lives, Topcon exists as a company that offers solutions that are beneficial to humanity that continues to grow with society.

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Sales Composition by Business Domain

Sales by Segment (FY2019)
Sales by Region
Our overseas sales ratio was 78% in FY 2019.
Thanks to our global operational structure and advanced technology, Topcon products and services are used throughout the world.

Global Network

Subsidiaries and affiliates of Topcon is 81 companies.
Topcon has developed a global network of production, development, and sales locations. we have established a system that enables us to select optimal regions for production and sales.

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Topcon was established in September 1932 when the K. Hattori & Co., Ltd. (currently SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION) surveying instruments division The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.
Founded in the optical technology we have cultivated since our founding, we have expanded our business domains through M&A and alliances. We have produced numerous world firsts and world No. 1 products.

Founded Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd. established based on the surveying instruments division of K.Hattori and Co., Ltd. (currently SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION) to manufacture surveying instruments, binoculars, cameras and optical sight for the Japanese Army.

Start of Ophthalmic & Medical Instruments Business
Lensmeter released in December 1947. This product commemorates the start of the Medical Equipment Business of Topcon. Released the Japan's first refractometer in 1951.

Global network
Established Topcon Europe N.V.(currently Topcon Europe B.V.) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in April 1970, and Topcon Instrument Corporation of America (currently Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.) in New York, U.S.A. (currently New Jersey State). Basic for our global expansion.
Major hit product
In 1978, Topcon released the DM-C1, the world's smallest and lightest electro-optical distance measuring instrument. The following year, we released the DM-C2, which improved upon the C1 and achieved significant cost reductions.
Also in 1978, we released the RM-100, the world's first refractometer to utilize near-infrared light and enable measurements utilizing on-screen operations via a TV monitor. These two products became explosive hits that would bring about dramatic changes in Topcon's company structure.
In 1980, Topcon released the EDM Theodolite GTS-1, the world's first device to allow both distance and angle measurements using a single device. The diffusion-type total station GTS-3 released in 1985 became a wildly successful series.

Changed Company Name
The corporate name was changed to Topcon Corporation in April 1989.
*The name "Topcon" originated from internal polling for a name to apply to the company's cameras in 1953. From there, the name became widely known as our company brand. Eventually in 1989, the company name was changed to Topcon.
Entry into the MC Business, Strengthening GPS Business
In September 1994, Topcon purchased an American business to engage in the machine controls business. In July 2000, Topcon again acquired an American company to break into the precision GPS business. This fusion of two entities enabled the automated control of construction machinery via precision GPS. This fusion would lay the foundation for the dramatic growth of this business.

Released 3D OCT
Released Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1000 World's first fusion of optical coherence tomography (OCT) with a non-mydriatic retinal camera in June 2006.

Entry into the IT Agriculture and Mobile control business
In September 2006, Topcon acquired an Australian company to engage in the precision agriculture domain. And in June 2007, Topcon purchased an American business to engage in the mobile control business.

Business Merger with SOKKIA
In March 2008, Topcon initiated a TOB of the Japanese company Sokkia Co., Ltd. and merged management in order to increase the international competitiveness of its positioning business on the international markets.
Full-scale entry into the therapeutic laser market
In August 2010, Topcon purchased a business involved in laser photocoagulators for use in the ophthalmology field from an American company, which marked Topcon's full-scale emergence into the laser treatment device segment.

Expansion of IT agriculture
Between 2014 and 2015, Topcon purchased a German in-cab mounted console manufacturer, an American manufacturer of agricultural solutions involving weight sensors and control systems for feeding, planting, fertilizer and harvest equipment, and a Canadian manufacturer of ultrasonic sensing and boom control technology for agricultural to expand its presence in the field of IT agriculture.
Creation of Screening Business in Eye Care Business Segment
In 2017, Topcon established Topcon Healthcare Solutions, Inc. in the U.S as a base for promoting Eye Care IoT Business.
In 2018, Topcon acquired KIDE Clinical Systems, a Finland-based cloud solution provider for optical and ophthalmology industry to enhance Topcon's IoT solutions for the Screening business.