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Labor Standards

Topcon respects global standards for items concerning labor standards and contributes to building sustainable markets. We thus aim to enable our employees to learn on their own initiative and grow in a safe working environment. Moreover, at the same time we unify the Group behind common values toward the realization of our management vision, we regard human resources that contribute to creating values for the Group as "Topconians" and strive to nurture "Topconians" in their development.

Workplace Environment

The Topcon Group seeks to provide opportunities for employees to learn on their own initiative and grow in a fair and equitable manner and strives to realize a corporate culture where this approach to developing human resources is given full expression. We provide opportunities for employees etc. to perform their work based on self-defined work domains with attendant roles and responsibilities and to strive for self-improvement that enhances their capabilities in performing their daily work both inside and outside the workplace.

Safety Management

The Topcon Group thinks ensuring safety and health is important to avoid workplace accidents and enable our employees to perform at their best. With this in mind, the Group has adopted necessary safety measures for buildings and facilities and established work standards that prioritize employee safety and health. Employees are to comply with laws, regulations, and internal company rules on safety and health in recognition that safety comes first.
The crisis response system for unforeseen events we built is to ensure the safety of employees on business trips and overseas assignments as well as their families regardless of country or region, and we are working to establish and strengthen safety measures mainly as a way to prevent incidents and accidents.
The opportunities for employees to go on overseas business trips have increased attendant with the rapid business expansion of the Group around the world in the past few years but terrorist attacks have grown more frequent as political conditions have grown tenser. In response, we have held seminars led by outside experts on the security situation overseas so our employees can better grasp security risks in countries and regions where Topcon does business and arm themselves with a strong sense of safety management when they go overseas so they are prepared to take self-defense measures in the event an emergency situation suddenly arises.

Working Hours, Leave System, Job-related Accidents

With regards to overtime work, we have signed 36 agreements with the company labor union and we comply with them. At the same time, we review the work load of each employee, consolidate tasks, reassign personnel, and apply IT solutions to operations to achieve greater efficiency, harness automation to save labor, and standardize procedures. As a company, we seek to limit overtime hours to the minimum necessary.

Nurturing "Topconians"

Nurturing Topconians is a theme in Topcon Group's human resources strategy aimed at realizing its management vision.
We define Topconians as employees who meet three conditions: 1) Seek to develop and maintain a high level of expertise, and who use the expertise to generate business success and profitability.; 2) Act with a sense of universal values, that include thinking beyond national borders and respecting cultural diversity.; and 3) Demonstrate through actions that they place an importance on collaboration and teamwork.

Labor-Company Communication

The Topcon Group believes it is important for labor and management to directly exchange views on protecting the rights of employees as laborers. In Japan, Topcon Labor Union and related labor unions at group manufacturing affiliates have partnered. The Group works to improve communication by holding informal regular gatherings for labor-management discussions and joint labor-management councils where company representatives explain business conditions to Topcon Labor Union members.

Labor-management "kondankai" gatherings are informal, regular gatherings held once a month where labor union leaders and management can exchange views and share information. Labor unions receive reports on business conditions and topics from management, and in response, union leaders offer their views on the report.
Labor-management councils are held once a month, and either the labor union or management can propose an extraordinary session not on the regular schedule. At council meetings, both sides exchange views in greater depth and discuss and put forward agenda proposals and topics for debate.

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