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Human Rights

Topcon respects global standards concerning human rights, the environment, labor standards, and anti-corruption measures, and contributes to building sustainable markets as a member of the global and local community. For human rights, we view providing our employees with fair opportunities in employment and work assignments as a principle we seek to uphold. We do not tolerate discrimination in the workplace and requires employees to properly handle personal information in performing their work activities.

Valuing People (Respect for Human Rights)

The Topcon Group is a global company with a diverse workforce, comprised of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, origins, experiences and cultures. We will recognize diverse values, respect fundamental human rights, the personalities and characters of individuals in light of human dignity, and seek to maintain a workplace in which all individuals are respected.
We are committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and in business generally. We will not tolerate unlawful discrimination in the workplace by or against any of Our Employees, contractors, or representatives.
All coworkers, job applicants, customers and suppliers are to be treated respectfully and on an equal basis without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or other status protected by applicable law. As part of Our commitment to providing Topcon Employees with a safe, secure work environment, the Topcon Group will also prohibit unlawful harassment based on any of the above protected characteristics. We will not allow:

  • Conduct by Employees or others, including suppliers, salespeople, customers and visitors, directed at an individual due to such personal characteristics that is intimidating, insulting, abusive, offensive or hostile;
  • Sexual harassment, which consists of unwelcome sexual comments, sexual advances, or requests for sexual favors;
  • These types of prohibited conduct are damaging to the Topcon Group and Our Employees, disrupts Our workplace and interferes with work performance.


Our commitment to a safe and secure work environment means that We will not tolerate workplace violence or threats of violence. Prohibited conduct includes not only physically violent or abusive conduct, but also aggressive, intimidating or disorderly physical conduct and abusive or threatening language. Moreover, we will not use child labor or forced labor.

Individual Information

The Topcon Group has established a basic policy for protecting personal data, carefully handles personal data obtained in the course of its business activities, and strives to protect it. Here personal data refers to information that employees etc. come across in the course of performing their work that enables them to identify a particular individual using information concerning customers, executives at suppliers etc., job applicants, employees, or other individuals. We will collect, manage and use Personal Information in a proper and fair way, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding protection of Personal Information in countries or regions where the Topcon Group does business.

Internal Reporting System (Hotline)

Since establishing an internal reporting system with a hotline in 2006, Topcon has worked to identify risks and compliance issues (i.e., known or suspected conduct that is violation of laws, regulations, or internal rules or that runs counter to social norms) at an early stage and take corrective actions against them. Apart from information that comes through regular routes internally, the system enables tippers to directly contact the division responsible, the Corporate Audit Division, via email etc.
The Corporate Audit Division has been contacted with such reports a total of nine times since 2006 and disseminates information about this system throughout the year in an effort to foster a corporate environment and culture where employees feel free to come forward with such reports. Every year we pave the way to expand adoption of the system among Group companies with nine Group companies in Japan and 24 overseas now having systems in place modeled on the parent's. On this basis, we promote compliance management and unify the Group.

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