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As a corporate group expanding globally with a range of eco-conscious products, the Topcon Group thinks supporting such an approach requires bolstering its environmental management systems. On this basis, we work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2, atmospheric pollutants, and water pollutants by building operational processes that take environmental considerations into account.

Topcon Group Environmental Vision 2020

As a corporate group with products that compete in global markets, the Topcon Group seeks to address the important issue of environmental problems in a way that wholly fulfills our social responsibilities. The Group thus established its position on this issue with its Environmental Vision 2020, which centers on the two themes outlined below, and is harnessing the strength of the entire group for related environmental initiatives.

  1. Mitigating Global Warming
    The Topcon Group regards global warming as the most important environmental problem and aims to reduce its CO2 emissions from sites in Japan by 25% by the end of fiscal 2020 versus the fiscal 1990 level, and using the same framework, we are working to reduce CO2 emissions at overseas sites.
  2. Contribution via Products
    We strive to reduce energy use and conserve resources so as to further reduce our environmental impact across the life-cycle of our products. We also work with our customers to offer products, technologies, and services that help mitigate global warming, make effective use of natural resources, and conserve biodiversity. Moreover, as part of our manufacturing-based corporate culture, we endeavor as a general rule to recycle and make effective use of waste products arising from our corporate activities such as R&D, manufacturing, and marketing.


Environmental Management System Construction

ISO14001-related Initiatives

Topcon Group companies, centering on manufacturing companies, have acquired ISO14001 certification, an internationally accepted standard for environmental management systems, and are subject to annual reviews by a third-party certifying body to ensure proper management.

Environmental Impact Report

Topcon Group's Environmental Impact Report (2015)

The Topcon Group has processing plants in Japan and China, and assembly plants in the United States. These plants impact the environment due to factors such as CO2 emissions from electricity and fossil fuel use and waste generated by manufacturing processes. In addition, one feature of our operations as an optical instrument manufacturer is the large amount of organic solvents our plants use for cleaning tasks at the manufacturing and assembly stages. In our publications, we report environmental impacts such as emissions and substance usage volumes from Topcon Group business activities, including those from sales companies, which tend to have fewer environmental impacts.

Topcon's Environmental Impact Report (2015, non-consolidated)

We report greenhouse gas emissions from and input volumes of resources and energy attendant with Topcon's business activities.


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