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Topcon for Human Life

We will focus on expanding business by resolving societal challenges in the growth markets of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. For Topcon, this means growing our business in the ophthalmological field (healthcare), the IT agriculture field (agriculture), and the fields of IT construction and infrastructure development (infrastructure).

Topcon embraces strives to expand our business by applying our solutions towards solving societal challenges in domains of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure.

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CSR Activities 2017

Based on the basic policy for CSR, Topcon group offers products and services that will help address social challenges. At the same time, Topcon group attaches great importance to communications with its stakeholders and endeavors to make social contributions through its business activities.


Topcon Global Code of Conduct

Major Policies of CSR

United Nations Global Compact

CSR Report Back Number

Only WEB version from FY2016(No publish the booklet version)

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2015[2,957KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2014[3,443KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2013[2,580KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2012[4,270KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2011[4,367KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2010[5,209KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2009[1,667KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2008[5,562KB]

TOPCON GROUP CSR Report 2007[18,214KB]

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