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Jan. 31, 2017

Announcement of FY2016 3Q Financial Results

Oct. 28, 2016

Announcement of FY2016 2Q Financial Results

Jul. 29, 2016

Announcement of FY2016 1Q Financial Results

Jun. 28, 2016 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 123rd Fiscal Period
Apr. 28, 2016

Announcement of FY2015 Business Results

The Second Mid-term Business Plan (FY2016 - FY2018)

*Please note that following schedule is subject to change without notice.


Jan. 29, 2016

Announcement of FY2015 3Q Business Results

Oct. 30, 2015

Announcement of FY2015 2Q Business Results

Jul. 31, 2015

Announcement of FY2015 1Q Business Results

Jun. 25, 2015

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 122nd Fiscal Period

Apr. 28, 2015

Announcement of FY2014 Business Results

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